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Best awning installers in Barcelona

Shops and companies selling and installing awnings in Barcelona

There is an increasing demand to buy and install awnings in the city of Barcelona and province. The reasons are multiple, whether as sun protection, allowing the terrace to be used on days of high sun radiation, rainy days that will not prevent us from enjoying our space on the terrace, and many others. Quality awnings protect us from the sun and rain, as they are made with specific materials to withstand inclement weather.

In Barcelona we have companies specialised in awnings, whether in their installation, sale and/or repair, some of them with a long family tradition, which have been in existence since the last century.

To make it easier to choose your company, we have selected some of the best in the city, taking into account their products and, very importantly, the positive opinions of users on social networks or in their respective Google My Business profiles.

We recommend that you ask for 3 or more quotes to find the company that best suits your needs in terms of quality and service.

In addition to awnings, many of them also offer you the possibility of installing mosquito nets, aluminium carpentry, blinds, pergolas, …

List of the best awnings companies in Barcelona

Aris Toldos Barcelona

Professionals in sun protection since 1974
Address: Carrer de les Camèlies, 51
08024 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 932 13 80 67
Based in Barcelona, Toldos Airis is a family business specialising in the installation of all kinds of awnings and solar protection systems for almost 50 years. It offers services for both homes and businesses, working with top quality materials to provide the best guarantee of quality and resistance. Their product catalogue includes awnings for pergolas, solutions for terraces, solutions for balconies, solutions for windows, and accessories for awnings. They also offer home automation solutions (smart homes) with automatic solar protection systems for greater comfort and lower energy consumption.

Toldos Duran

Sale, Installation and Repair of Awnings
Address: Carrer de la Mare de Déu de Port, 260
08038 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 932 20 65 80
With 35 years of experience in the sector, Toldos Durán is a Barcelona-based company specialising in the installation of awnings. Toldos Durán strives to provide the most appropriate solution for each space, offering a wide variety of alternatives in terms of materials and designs. They also work with advanced motorisation and automation systems that allow a comfortable and efficient operation of the awnings and easy programming. During its long history, Toldos Durán has offered its sun protection services both indoors and outdoors to more than seven thousand individuals, as well as to numerous institutions, leading companies in the hospitality sector and construction companies.

Tendals Toperal

More than 50 years of experience
Address: Carrer de Calàbria, 278
08029 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 39 23 99
Toldos Toperal boasts a great customer service, always with the aim of offering the best value for money. Its more than 50 years of experience selling and installing pergolas and awnings of all kinds in the province of Barcelona is a guarantee of its know-how in the sector. In 2001 Toldos Toperal took a qualitative leap forward by expanding both its facilities and its services by acquiring digital printing machines with the aim of offering a comprehensive service, taking charge of the assembly of the protection systems and their printing, including the corporate image of the commercial premises (signs, vinyls, light boxes, corporeal signs…).

Toldos Barcelona

Quality and service since 1965
Address: Carrer de Huelva, 38
08020 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 931 93 50 55
Toldos Barcelona is a true benchmark in the sector in the province of Barcelona, with more than twenty thousand awning installations in this territory. The main values of Toldos Barcelona are based on service, quality and price, which makes it a very reliable and competitive company. Vertical awnings, extendable awnings, terrace awnings, veranda awnings, straight awnings, swimming pool awnings, curtains, accessories, sliding awnings and pergolas. The wide range of products to choose from for both companies and individuals is another of the hallmarks of a company that offers a quality and personalised service.

Toldos Clot

Since 1987. We build houses, we create homes.
Address: Carrer de la Sèquia Comtal, 10-12
08018 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 622 16 67 94
Toldos Clot began its business activity in 1986 and, since then, they have always kept abreast of the latest developments in solar protection systems in order to add new products and services to their catalogue. This extensive experience allows them to offer the best quality at very competitive prices in the market. Their product line includes awnings (curtains, straight point, invisible arms, pergolas, etc.), outdoor and indoor blinds, Venetian blinds, shutters, mosquito nets and motorisation for awnings and shutters. Toldos Clot’s priority is the comfort of its customers, to whom it offers advice and estimates adapted to their needs. Therefore, they only have to worry about choosing the best solution and Toldos Clot takes care of the rest.

Types of awnings

  • Straight stitch awnings
    It is very common to see them in all types of establishments and shops. Two arms at right angles to the width of the premises or shop window allow a very simple and practical use. Sometimes they have an internal system that makes the arms oscillate when the wind blows.
    Monobloc awnings
  • Ideal for large terraces or balconies. They are installed on a square bar so that the canvas can cover more space. Simplicity and functionality combine to provide an economical and durable solution.
  • Roller blind awnings
    This is a model whose system is based on the classic blinds that are used as blinds. They are raised and lowered by two perpendicular arms.
  • Canopy awnings
    This type of awning has several extendable arms that allow the fabric to be quickly unfolded. The arms are protected under the fabric, which increases its durability. It is important to remember that proper cleaning of the fabric is essential to ensure that its aesthetic appearance is not affected.
  • Cassette awnings
    This is a conventional awning protected by an aluminium box where the arms and the fabric are kept. It is perfect for outdoor use, thus prolonging its useful life against inclement weather.
  • Windbreak awnings
    This is a solution for both private and commercial terraces. Generally, they are PVC structures with an acrylic canvas that completely encloses the space, allowing natural light to enter.
  • Invisible arm awnings
    They have a system that, unlike traditional awnings, incorporates support arms that are hidden under the fabric, which is why they are called invisible arms.

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