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Barcelona Plastic Surgeon

Plastic and aesthetic surgery in Barcelona

Many times, whenever we think about going under the knife, we have many things in our minds, one of them being “who could be the best for the task?”.

There are many quality certified professionals who are qualified for doing the most complex and solicited operations based in Barcelona. Operations such as as blepharoplastic, brow lifting, anti-aging, rhinoplasty, chin makeover, breast lifting, hand aesthetic, transgender operations, ears, tattoo removal, body surgery, lipo-filling, skin tumor removal, nose and ear reconstruction, limb reconstruction – we also can find plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, gender surgery, aesthetic medicine, among others.

To clear all doubts, we created a market database with Barcelona’s best of the best, analyzing and researching through several social networks, forums, and other online sources.:

Barcelona’s Top Plastic Surgeons List

MD. Salvador
MD. Salvador is a plastic surgeon specialized in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery since 2001. She has a Masters in Microsurgery, and she is also a member of the SECE (Spain’s Plastic Surgery Society), SECPRE, AEM (Spain’s Microsurgery Association) and SCCPRE (Catalonia’s Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Society), a high quality and reliable professional all around. She usually books her private appointments in Barcelona and Zaragoza, practicing her trade in the Corachan Clinic and Barcelona’s Quiron-Dexeus. All her interventions are done in Quiron la Floresta, Zaragoza.

Her specialties by areas are: breast (breast lifting and augment – mastopexy, tubular chest, breast reduction, breast lipo-filling, mammal implants), face (facelifting, rhinoplasty to improve the nose aesthetically, blepharoplasty, – brows, otoplasty – ear reconstruction), body (abdominoplasty, lipo laser, liposuction, breast masculinization, arm lifting – thighs, gluteal augmentation, gynecomastia), genitals (vaginal lip reconstruction, pubis rejuvenation, laser treatment) and aesthetic medicine (hyaluronic acid, facial wrinkles, cellulitis, flaccid skin, liposuction, flaccid facial skin, skin hydration, facial lifting without surgery, thread facelifting, lip reconstruction).

MD. Iván Mañero

dr ivan manero
Specialties: breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction or tridimensional lipostructure, abdominoplasty, facial lifting, blepharoplasty, Laser lipocontourn, facial plastic surgery, mammal surgery, body surgery, reconstructive surgery, maxillofacial unit, vascular unity, capillary unity, outer and inner labia plastic surgery, pubis or venus mount liposuction, clitoris hypertrophy, perineoplasty, vaginal stretching, Rokitansky syndrome, inner labia filling, transexual reconstruction for men, female transexual reconstruction, rejuvenation treatment, facial and body acne removal treatments, varicose veins treatment, hair removal, scar and stretch marks removal.

Clínica Mandri

Clínica Mandri
Mandri Clinic is a medicine and aesthetic surgery clinic located in Barcelona, specializing in in facial plastic surgeries (ears – otoplasty, nose – rhinoplasty, eyelids – blepharoplasty, facial lifting, facial lipo injections, thread facelifting, capillary inserts), body plastic surgery (breast plastic surgery, liposuction, abdominoplasty, arm and thigh lifting, glutes plastic surgery, lipo injections in patients with HIV, reconstructive skin surgery after a heavy weight loss in morbidly obese patients, labia plastic surgery), aesthetic medicine (dermo genetic diagnosis, carboxytherapy, varicose veins, micro dermabrasion, growth factors, facial labioplasty, thread face lift, micro pigmentation, vitamins for mesotherapy, radio frequencies, chemical peeling, wrinkle filling, facial rejuvenation), obesity (POSE method, intragastric ball, diets, radio frequency, carboxytherapy, intraloterapy, special diet treatments, mesotherapy, lymphatic massage, ENDO-SLEEVE method), intimate treatment (Labia plastic surgery or vulva inner labia reduction, hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction, mount venus liposculpture, lipo injections for outer labia, anal rejuvenation, intimate anti-aging and vaginal dryness treatment) and andrology (varicose erectile dysfunction, Peyronie illness). We also have the following procedures with our laser platform such as: Medical Depilation, varicose veins removal, couperosis, angiomas, tattoo removal, spot removal and facial rejuvenation.

MD. Ruiz Castilla
A team formed by the Vall d’Hebron and Hospital germans Trias i Pujol plastic surgeons: MD. Collado Delfa, MD. Garcia Senosiain and MD. Ruiz Castilla. In the Ruiz Castilla Institute, is the place for high complexity reconstructive, aesthetic and medical surgeries.
Medical Aesthetic – Botox, Hyaluronic Acid, induction therapy, percutaneous collagen, radio frequency, pigmentation, and laser units, vitamin infiltration, peeling, hyper sweating, eye bags, and sculpture.
Aesthetic surgery – breast surgery, facial aesthetic surgery and body outline surgery.
Reconstructive surgery – mammal reconstruction, torn earlobe, burn scars, skin grafting, facial traumas and skin tumors.
With clinics in Masnou and Quironsalud hospital Barcelona, they are a resident team in Maresme and Barcelona.
El Masnou: c/Montevideo 64,2-3. 08320. Tel. 93 189 03 29
Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona – Plaça Alfons Comí 5-7, consultori 126 – 08023 Barcelona – Tel. 93 255 40 84

MD. Javier de Benito

instituto javier de benito
Specialties: lifting, brow elevation, blepharoplasty, eye squinting surgery, rhinoplasty, nasal respiration, cheekbone augmentation, chin augmentation, ear remodeling, liposuction and liposculpture, abdominoplasty, gluteal augmentation, twin implants, gynecomasty in men, female vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal dryness, breast augmentation, breast lifting, breast reduction, mammal asymmetry, tubular breasts, breast reconstruction, hair loss treatment, Smart Face Renewal Plan, face rejuvenation without surgery, botox and fillers treatments, skin revitalization, cheekbone augmentation without surgery. Lip area, sight rejuvenation, IPL. Skin photo rejuvenation, cleavage rejuvenation, ear rejuvenation, skin spots, telangiectasia, acne, varicose veins, fat spot removal, excessive sweating – Hyperhidrosis, Flaccid skin, stretch marks, hand rejuvenation.

MD. Antonio Tapia

dr antonio tapia
Specialties: Facial Lifting, eyelid surgery, mammal augmentation, mammal reduction (mammoplasty), mammal lifting, flat belly surgery, arm surgery, leg surgery, liposuction, chin, ear and nose surgery.

MD. Joaquim Suñol
Specialties: Rhinoplasty, otoplasty, mentoplasty, cervical-facial lifting, blepharoplasty, permanent lipo-filling using your own fat, acne spots, mouth wrinkles, liposculpture, augmentation mammoplasty, mastopexy, reduction mammoplasty, male mammal reduction, tubular or constrained mammals, inverted nipples, nipple reduction, areola reduction, mammal asymmetry, abdominoplasty, crural lifting, brachial lifting, secondary otoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, mammal reconstruction, abdominal reconstruction, facial and body oncology surgery, post tumor and trauma surgery, scarring correction, congenital malformations, hand functional surgery, female and male genital surgery, facial wrinkles, excessive armpit sweating, excessive hand sweating.

MD. Pere Taverna
Specialties: Facial plastic surgery (Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty, facial lipostructure, mentoplasty), body plastic surgery (breast augmentation and reduction, breast lifting, tubular mammals, gynecomastia, liposuction, abdominoplasty, mini abdominoplasty, labia surgery, thigh lift, Brachioplasty), aesthetic medicine (botox face treatment for wrinkles, wrinkle filling, facial mesotherapy, thread facelift, facial revitalization with PRP, lip remodeling, facial peeling, liquid lifting, Body aesthetics procedures, Varicose veins treatments, micro pigmentation, hyperhidrosis), regenerative medicine.

MD. Óscar Junco
Specialties: mammal surgery, body surgery, aesthetic medicine and genital surgery.

MD. Jose Antonio Arán

dr aran cirugia
Specialties: Aesthetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and nutrition.

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