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Best cooking schools in Barcelona

Culinary schools in Barcelona for professionals and amateurs

Currently, there is a wide range of cookery courses on offer aimed at different student profiles, future professionals and cooking enthusiasts. Professional workshops train people with culinary interests. Specialised itineraries revolve around a specific theme. Traditional gastronomy, signature cuisine and confectionery are some of the most popular courses. A catalogue of proposals that also includes international cuisine. On the other hand, courses for beginners are those with a syllabus aimed at participants who have no previous knowledge. Therefore, it is an introduction adapted to the level of those who need to learn culinary techniques.

List of cooking schools in Barcelona

Escola d’Hosteleria Hofmann

Escuela de Hostelería
Address: Carrer de l’Argenteria, 74
08003 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 933 19 58 89
The Hofmann Hotel and Catering School, specialising in gastronomy and patisserie, began an exciting journey in 1983. The training project was founded by Mey Hofmann. The teaching staff is made up of experienced chefs and experts. The school offers catering workshops. What are the minimum educational requirements for participation? Students must have completed compulsory secondary education. The Professional Courses train future talents in the world of cooking. The Specialisation Courses provide expert knowledge on a specific subject. The Monographic Courses emphasise creativity, experimentation and the discovery of techniques.

Escuela Bellart

Training the Chefs of the future
Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 83, Local
08036 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 51 79 65
Bellart, cooking and pastry school, was founded in 1977. An educational space that trains and prepares professional chefs. The on-site offer is made up of proposals that are classified into three groups: specialisations, monographs and chef training (cooking and dessert). Online training is made up of virtual monographs and gastronomic courses. The professional chef training programmes are accredited by a University Extension Certificate. A recognition issued by the Universitat Central de Catalunya. In addition to this, students can also obtain a diploma that recognises their training in Pastry and Chef de Cuisine.


Barcelona School of hotel industry Management
Address: Passeig del Taulat, 243
08019 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 53 29 04
The Escola Superior d’Hostaleria de Barcelona, founded in 1985, specialises in the following fields: oenology, catering and gastronomy. It also presents its value proposition in the field of hotel management. It offers intermediate level courses: Catering Service and, on the other hand, Cooking and Gastronomy. Students can take a double degree in Patisserie and Cookery. The training catalogue is extended with higher degrees. Postgraduate programmes and specialisations are ideal to complement the curriculum. Professional and monographic courses train students who want to turn their hobby into a job opportunity. What do you want to study: Hotel Management, Cooking and Pastry, Hospitality Management, Wines and Spirits, Catering Services

Escola de Cuina Mireia Carbó

Cookery courses for individuals, groups and events
Address: Carrer del Torrent d’En Vidalet, 24
08012 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 640 10 63 13
The Escola de Cuina Mireia Carbó offers face-to-face courses and online workshops that take place live. The virtual training methodology, therefore, is characterised by its dynamism. Students interact with the teacher and participate directly in the course of the session. The school’s success is backed by more than twenty years of experience. The founder of the project is Mireia Carbó. She is also the author of several cookery books. The training is aimed at all those who, accompanied by great professionals, want to enter the world of gastronomy and enjoy cooking.

Cooking Area

by Montse Bas
Address: Carrer de la Legalitat, 27
08024 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 690 96 64 90
Cooking Area was founded by Montse Bas, an experienced professional and entrepreneur. It is a gastronomic universe in which anyone who enjoys cooking can participate. It offers a wide range of workshops for those who want to become chefs in the future. As aspiring chefs, they can take part in themed courses and programmes on various techniques. Cooking Area plans a varied agenda of weekly activities. In fact, it also runs short one-day courses. The training is mainly aimed at students who want to cook better at home.

Career opportunities after studying at one of these cookery schools

Professionals who have been trained in this field have a good degree of employability. They usually work with catering businesses. They can join the team of a restaurant, a patisserie or a catering company. In fact, they are profiles that can also start their own business. On the other hand, professionals with an academic background share their knowledge of cooking with other people. For example, they can work as teachers in courses organised by different entities. And they can develop as online trainers. Finally, some experts collaborate with magazines that have a section dedicated to this topic and write recipe books.

What is the difference between a professional chef and a graduate in Gastronomy?

The chef is the leader of the perfectly coordinated kitchen team in a restaurant. He is the guide who accompanies the staff in the preparation of the menus. A mentor who teaches and transmits his excellence at work. He is the maximum responsible in a project of these characteristics. A Gastronomy graduate, on the other hand, has advanced training. The student may decide to work as a chef. But this degree qualifies the student to investigate food from a holistic point of view. And it transmits knowledge through different sources of information.

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