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Best Customer Experience (CX) consultancies in Barcelona

Customer experience agencies

Optimising and/or improving the customer experience is a basic business strategy to improve the customer’s bond with our brand or product. To achieve this, we need professional experts to optimise our companies and processes to achieve this. This strategy is relatively new in our country, and although there are already many consultancies that offer these services, few are the best prepared for its implementation. To make it easier for you to choose, we have selected some of the best customer experience agencies and consultancies in Barcelona.

List of Customer Experience (CX) consultancies in Barcelona

OmniCampaign CX

Omnichannel Customer Experience
Address: Camí de Can Ametller, 20
08195 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 933 80 16 80
Servicios: Transformación CX, diseño de experiencias, voice of the customer (voz del cliente), orquestación multicanal, customer analytics, marketing omnicanal, sales automation & CRM, servicio omnicanal, encuesta omnicanal.


Customer Centric Consulting
Contact telephone number:931 98 98 22
Services: strategic orientation, CRM strategy (sales, marketing, customer service), customer experience, analytical skills, martech (marketing technology).

Lukkap Barcelona

International Transformation Consultant
Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 630, 4ª planta
08007 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 932 72 45 09
Services: Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Outplacement, Data & Analics y Development.

S2CX Consulting

The customer centric company
Address: Carrer d’Ernest Lluch, 32
08302 Mataró, Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 937 02 32 21
Services: CX Consulting, EX Consulting, DX Consulting.

Questions and answers on Consumer Experience or Customer Experience

▶ What is Customer Experience?

The sum of the experiences, emotions and memories that a customer has gained from their interaction with the company in all phases of the customer journey (Customer Journey Map). It is the result of how the customer perceives their overall interaction with the company.

According to a well-known definition, customer experience is “the internal, subjective reaction of the customer to any direct or indirect contact with a company”. (Meyer and Schwager, 2007, Understanding customer experience, Harvard Business Review).

▶ How to improve the Customer Experience?

There are many ways to do this, for example these:

  • Provide a coherent, consistent and personalised experience.
  • Build loyalty with your operators and formalise, ideally
  • Anticipating problems before they arise through customer feedback
  • Direct and indirect relationships between customer service and customer experience
  • Having a crystal clear and transparent business allows you to build a real relationship with your customers, based on trust and understanding, which has an extremely significant impact on the customer experience.

▶ What does a Customer Experience Manager do?

The responsibilities of the Customer Experience Manager are:

  • Supervising and guiding all activities of the Service team
  • Ensure that the team follows best practices and adheres to service level agreements.
  • Monitoring departmental affairs and customer complaints
  • Developing problem management and service improvement plans
  • Ensure that all interests (user/company, customer, support, technical) are represented in the definition and evolution of services.
  • Providing customer service
  • Maintaining customer relations.

▶ What is the Customer Journey Map?

Before deciding on your product marketing strategy, stop and think about how you usually make a purchase:

  • What kind of research do you do?
  • How much effort do you put into it?
  • How do you evaluate the companies you buy from or interact with?
  • Just as you are someone’s buyer, someone else may be your company’s buyer and will probably ask the same questions.

This process is called the Customer Journey Map and is defined as the process that leads a customer to purchase.
By understanding the ‘journey’ undertaken by your potential customer, you can help them get the information they need to make a purchase.

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