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Best dentists in Barcelona

Dental clinics in Barcelona

The best dentists in Barcelona are waiting to transform your smile and improve your oral health. In our online guide, you will find a comprehensive directory of the city’s most prominent dental clinics, all backed by positive reviews and an impeccable reputation on Google My Business.

Barcelona, with its rich history and iconic architecture, also houses top-tier dental centers. Here, professionals care not only about the health of your teeth but also strive to provide exceptional customer service. From the modernity of Eixample to the historical charm of the Gothic Quarter, each clinic offers a unique experience, but always with the same promise: quality and dedication.

The available treatments vary, from fillings and root canals, to dental extractions and orthodontics. And for those looking for a long-term solution, dental implantology is an increasingly popular and accessible option.

No matter what your need is, in our directory, you will find professionals dedicated to providing personalized solutions, ensuring that your visit to the dentist is as comfortable and satisfying as possible. Are you ready to discover the perfect dentist for you in Barcelona? Explore our directory and take the first step towards a healthier and brighter smile.

List of the best dentists in Barcelona

Lora Boutique Dental

Dental Clinic Barcelona
Address: Passatge de Marimon, 6
08021 Barcelona
Contact Phone: 933 88 85 92
Crossing the doors of Lora Boutique Dental means entering an oasis of wellness and care. In this space, the best know-how is merged with the most pioneering technologies in the market.

With a totally different positioning, Lora is Spain’s first Boutique Dental Clinic, transgressing all known Dental concepts to date. Aesthetics play a fundamental role in all their treatments, and they opt for a revolutionary and minimally invasive Dentistry. This center gives rise to a new paradigm that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Cristina Gras Estética Dental Avanzada

Because Perfection Lies in Naturalness
Address: Pg. de la Bonanova, 110, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
08017 Barcelona
Contact Phone: 932 15 73 82
At Cristina Gras, we are specialists in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry. We offer personalized and tailor-made treatments, implementing the most current and innovative techniques. Our main goal is to ensure that all our patients achieve the best version of their smile.

Dr. Gras leads a team of highly qualified specialists in continuous training and personally follows up on each case.

We are leaders in micro veneers, the revolution in dental aesthetics. We advise the patient and design each micro veneer individually, adapting to their needs, in order to restore their smile.

Cambra Clinic – Clínica dental Barcelona

Dental Health and Aesthetics
Address: Carrer de Ganduxer, 122
08022 Barcelona
Contact Phone: 932 12 10 08
Cambra Clinic is a dental clinic in Barcelona with over 35 years of experience, providing personalized care in dental health and aesthetics. We offer a team of specialty dentists of the highest professional and personal standards, led by Dr. Jordi Cambra and Dr. Víctor Cambra.
In our clinic, we are pioneers in the implementation of Digital Dentistry in dental implants, orthodontics, prosthetics, and cosmetic dentistry. This helps us to obtain an accurate diagnosis, a prior simulation of the treatment, greater precision, and enhanced comfort for the patient.

Clínica Dental Barcelona

Excellence in Dental Aesthetics
Address: C. de Pau Claris, 196
08037 Barcelona
Contact Phone: 934 87 83 29
Clínica Dental Barcelona stands out for combining a team of highly qualified professionals, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional human treatment to provide top-quality dental services. With nearly 30 years of experience, the clinic offers a wide range of treatments, including orthodontics, dental implants, dental aesthetics, and a dental emergency service available from 9 AM to midnight. In addition, rigorous safety protocols have been implemented to protect patients from Covid-19. The clinic is also involved in the training of future professionals in the dental sector.

Raslan Clínica Dental

24-Hour Emergency Dentists in Barcelona
Address: C/ de Ganduxer, 59
08017 Barcelona
Contact Phone: 937 65 67 88
Raslan Dental Clinic stands out for offering high-quality dental services in Barcelona, boasting a team of highly trained and experienced dentists. Dr. Fady Raslan, a specialist in dental implants and prosthetics, is recognized for his certification from the American Board and the European Association of Prosthodontics. The clinic stays at the forefront of dentistry, with its professionals affiliated with prestigious organizations in the sector. Among the treatments they offer, the highlights include immediate load dental implants, implants in the aesthetic zone, and full denture rehabilitation.

Clínica Dental Bonadex

Tradition and Innovation
Address: Pg. de la Bonanova, 69
08017 Barcelona
Contact Phone: 934 18 44 33
With over 25 years of history and founded by Drs. Pere Harster and Lopez Roura, Bonadex Dentists has established itself as a reference in Dental Prosthetics, Aesthetic Oral Rehabilitation, and Endodontics. Under the direction of Dr. Dolores Rodríguez, the medical team continuously engages in training and active participation in scientific societies. Combining tradition and avant-garde, the clinic is equipped with the latest technology to ensure exceptional results and is located in the prestigious Sarria-Sant Gervasi district. Bonadex Dentists is committed to preserving natural dentition, promoting minimally invasive and personalized treatments for each patient, always with the goal of achieving maximum satisfaction and the best smile.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Visiting the Dentist

Is it really necessary to visit the dentist every six months?

Regular dental visits are crucial for maintaining optimal oral health. Every six months is the recommended interval, as it allows for the timely detection and treatment of problems. However, depending on your personal situation, the dentist may suggest more frequent visits.

What should I do if I’m afraid of going to the dentist?

Fear of the dentist is common, but there are strategies to manage it. Talk openly with your dentist about your fears; a good professional will know how to calm you down and make the process more comfortable. You can also try relaxation techniques or look for a dentist who specializes in anxious patients.

How can I tell if I need a professional dental cleaning?

A professional dental cleaning is essential, even if you brush and floss regularly. Only a professional can remove tartar and tough stains. If you notice bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, or stained teeth, it’s time to schedule a cleaning.

Is dental treatment painful?

Dental technology and techniques have advanced significantly, aiming to minimize pain. In most cases, procedures are virtually painless. If you feel anxious, discuss sedation or anesthesia options with your dentist.

How long should I wait to eat after a dental filling?

Generally, it is recommended to wait at least one hour after a dental filling before eating. If anesthesia was used, wait until the numbness has completely worn off to avoid accidentally biting yourself.

What type of toothbrush should I use?

Choosing the right toothbrush is vital for good oral hygiene. Opt for a brush with soft bristles and a small head, as it allows for more effective and gentle cleaning of your gums and teeth. Change your toothbrush every three months or when the bristles are worn out.

How can I prevent cavities?

Preventing cavities requires a combination of good oral hygiene, a balanced diet, and regular dental visits. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks. Don’t forget regular dental check-ups to catch problems early on.

What should I do in case of a dental emergency?

In the event of a dental emergency, such as a broken tooth or severe pain, contact your dentist immediately. In the meantime, you can apply cold compresses to reduce swelling or take pain relievers if necessary. Remember that prompt attention is key to preventing complications.

Can I go to the dentist while pregnant?

Yes, in fact, it is especially important to take care of your oral health during pregnancy. Inform your dentist about your pregnancy so they can take necessary precautions and recommend the safest treatments. Regular dental care can prevent problems that could affect your health and that of your baby.

How can I improve the color of my teeth?

To improve the color of your teeth, consider professional teeth whitening options. Avoid foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Maintain good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly for professional cleanings and personalized advice.

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