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Best digital marketing agencies in Barcelona

Discover online advertising agencies in BCN

Discover how the best digital marketing agencies in Barcelona are redefining success in the online world. In this city, where architecture blends with innovation, these agencies stand out for their ability to combine web design and SEO with the same mastery observed in Gaudí’s works.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your brand reflected the commercial vitality of Barcelona‘s Passeig de Gràcia? These agencies, with their focus on UX/UI and SEM, transform that vision into a tangible digital reality. But what makes them unique? Their commitment to quality of service and personalized attention to their clients. Each of these agencies has been carefully selected, based on a history of positive reviews on Google My Business, thus ensuring their excellence and professionalism.

Now, imagine your business becoming a digital landmark as recognized as the Sagrada Familia. With these agencies, that dream is just a click away. But how do you know which one is ideal for you?

Digital Growth

digital growth marketing bcn
Address: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 280, Ent 1ª
08036 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 935 32 55 41
If you need a digital partner to accompany you in the day-to-day running of your online business, Digital Growth is the best solution. Experts in SEO (SEO audit, consultancy, content marketing and SEO training), ASO consultancy (Search Engine Optimisation for mobile applications), mobile marketing for Apps, SEM, … On their website you can see some of the companies they work with or have worked with, such as Fotocasa, Softonic, Desigual, …

RSB Agency

rsb agencia marketing digital Barcelona
Address: Ronda de la Universitat, 33
08007 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 54 12 12
An agency with a technological soul. The success of a project requires definition and development during all its phases.
A suitable technological consultancy defines its viability, scope and cost, followed by a digital strategy that provides the right order and timing.
Their differential point, the design and technical production, allows them to maintain control over the entire process. And the project always continues, after its implementation, RSB can take charge of monitoring and analysing the results. Some of their clients demonstrate the value of their method, such as Clipper, Sónar, La Caixa or Codorniu, among others. They like to define themselves as digital artisans since 2003.


agencia marketing online BCN
Leaders in online marketing since 2001
Address: Av. Diagonal, 640, 6ª planta
08017 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 92 06 06
Consulweb designs the Digital Strategy your business needs to achieve success. It offers a 360º solution for your company’s Internet presence. Digital Marketing is its main speciality, and is made up of SEO positioning on Google and other search engines, SEM Google Adwords campaigns, and SMM strategy on social networks.
They will guide you through all the stages of digital communication that your company needs to boost sales, with the creation of new contacts, and in turn they will analyse to the millimetre, each of the data generated by this digital strategy, to better understand the behaviour of users.


mediatics diseño web
Online Marketing Agency
Address: Carrer de Bori i Fontestà, 39, local
08017 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 14 45 01

Factoria Creativa

Marketing Factoria Creativa Barcelona

Strategy, planning, implementation, monitoring and analysis
Address: Carrer de Casp, 90 3º, 1ª
08010 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 933 17 17 71
Digital marketing agency in Barcelona with Google-certified professionals who develop 360º digital marketing campaigns tailored to the business model and objectives of each client, including inbound marketing, organic SEO positioning, paid SEM campaigns focused on results from day one, Google Shoping, social networks with Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and programmatic advertising as well as digitalisation of companies with tools such as hubspot or fusionsoft. We check the security of your online shop or website with anti-hacking applications or vulnerability audits.

Our team will guide you through the different stages of the strategy adapted to each client and budget to achieve success gradually but safely so as not to be penalised by Google. Some of the clients who have placed their trust in us are AOC, AQU, Aguas de Barcelona, Leo Pharma, Esteve Veterinaria, etc.


Ooptimo marketing en Barcelona
Digital Marketing Consulting
Address: Carrer de Sant Elies, 29-35, 6º-5ª, Escalera A
08006 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 930 08 90 89
OOPTIMO is a Digital Marketing consultancy, located in Barcelona, specialised in generating business in the digital environment.

OOPTIMO’s activity is focused on providing marketing and web programming services. They always work with analytical methods to improve the results achieved and contribute to making digital businesses profitable and efficient.

Quote from their CEO: “We believe in a digital era where traditional and online consumption merge to form a hybrid retail ecosystem, connecting companies with their customers like never before”.


NothingAD marketing digital
We accompany you on your way to success
Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 630
08007 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 936 81 81 46
From a complete digital marketing strategy focused on achieving the objectives set by the client, NothingAD offers you complete digital marketing agency services through the services of Inbound Marketing, SEO, SEM, Programmatic Buying, Content Marketing, Media Planning, …

EYClick Agencia

eyclick digital marketing agency in Barcelona
We offer a commitment-free consultancy
Address: Carrer de Déu i Mata, 124, Mezzanine 1
08029 Barcelona
Contact Phone: 932 31 44 65
If you’re an SME, EYClick is your agency. They specialize in Google campaigns as well as social media because they are a Google Partner and Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Partner.
EYClick has a multidisciplinary team to manage any needs that an SME might have. From consultancy, 360 services, SEO, web design, lead generation (web contacts), management of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, to the outsourcing of the marketing department.
They define a strategy focused on achieving clear, realistic, and measurable objectives, both for B2B and B2C. EYClick, a digital marketing agency in Barcelona, is ideal for SMEs and e-commerce businesses seeking commitment-free consultancy.


Digital Marketing Agency
Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 230, 8th Floor, Office, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi District
08006 Barcelona
Contact Phone: 934 52 63 86
Mediaclick, a digital marketing agency since 2008, specializes in digital strategies and action plans to increase traffic, audience, and conversions. They offer digital advertising, social media, online marketing strategy, e-commerce 360, and web positioning. They stand out for their personalized service and continuous innovation, supported by extensive experience and a diverse portfolio of projects. Their commitment focuses on effective results and a profitable digital presence.


technicoders Barcelona diseño web
Web – App – Software- Branding
Address: Pg. de Maragall, 263, Horta-Guinardó
08032 Barcelona
Contact phone: 685 27 15 75
Technicoders, a digital marketing agency in Barcelona, specializes in creating custom websites and marketing strategies to attract more clients and increase sales. Their focus is on turning ideas into successful web projects, offering personalized solutions instead of generic templates. This ensures that each website stands out and converts visitors into customers. The agency prioritizes quality, working on a limited number of projects to guarantee full attention and dedication. They optimize online visibility and authority through SEO and SEM, positioning their clients as leaders in their industry.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Digital Marketing

How can a digital marketing agency in Barcelona boost my business?

Like a rocket on Sant Joan’s night. These agencies use customized digital marketing strategies to launch your brand into digital stardom, increasing visibility, traffic, and of course, sales.

What specific services do these agencies offer?

From SEO to social media advertising, content marketing, and much more. Think of them as your Swiss Army knife of digital marketing, equipped for all your digital needs.

How do they measure the success of their campaigns?

With surgical precision. They use advanced tools to analyze performance and adjust strategies in real-time, ensuring that every penny invested counts.

Can they adapt to my specific market niche?

Absolutely! They are like digital chameleons, experts in adapting to different industries and understanding the unique needs of each.

How important is content marketing and how do they handle it?

As important as salsa brava on your patatas. They create engaging and relevant content that not only attracts your audience but also retains them.

How do they ensure my brand stands out in a saturated market?

With creativity and innovation. They develop unique marketing strategies that make your brand shine brighter than the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc on a summer night.

Do they offer social media marketing services?

Of course! They are masters at capturing attention on social media, creating campaigns that not only look good but also generate tangible results.

How do they handle SEO to improve my online visibility?

With an approach as detailed as a Gaudí mosaic. They focus on advanced SEO strategies to ensure that your website reaches the top of search rankings.

Can they help with email marketing?

They’ll transform your email marketing into a work of art. They design captivating newsletters that foster customer loyalty and engagement.

What if I have a limited budget for digital marketing?

No problem. They are experts in maximizing return on investment, even with tight budgets. Every penny spent will be a step towards your brand’s success.

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