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Best Financial Advisors in Barcelona

Financial advisors for individuals and companies in Barcelona

Welcome to the definitive directory of the best financial advisors in Barcelona! If you are looking for a financial expert to help you maximize your investments, plan your retirement or simply improve your financial health, you are in the right place. We have selected the most outstanding and experienced professionals in Barcelona to offer you a wide range of personalized services tailored to your needs. Dive into our directory and discover the financial advisors in Barcelona who will help you achieve your goals and secure your financial future with confidence and success. Start making smart decisions for your prosperity today!

List of the best financial advisors in Barcelona

Caridad Dedeu

European Financial Agent
Address: Av. Diagonal, 662-664, 1a planta Ed. Planeta – Banco Mediolanum Offices
08034 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 932 800 664699 977 939
LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn

Certifications: European Investment Practitioner (EIP) Certification registration number 21/12455, LCCI Certification (Law 5/2019 regulating Real Estate Credit Contracts), OBS Certification.

As a financial advisor, I believe in the importance of personalized and long-term financial advice for my clients. That is why each client receives personalized guidance to assist them in their savings and investment decisions, providing solutions tailored to their needs and expectations.

I will establish a strong, long-lasting follow-up relationship with you based on trust and a deep understanding of your personal circumstances, financial situation, risk profile, and long-term goals. This way, I can provide adequate and personalized advice at every stage of your life.

The accompanying process begins with a meeting between you and me, where relevant information is gathered to understand your financial panorama. This marks the beginning of a fruitful and lasting relationship, where I will become a constant support.

Throughout the professional relationship, I will maintain frequent communication with you, informing you of changes that may affect your wealth, helping you achieve your financial goals, and ensuring proper adaptation to the different stages of your life. As an independent professional, I am registered with the Bank of Spain and have a solid financial education and extensive knowledge of markets and the economy.


We help you with your investments
Address: Passeig de Manuel Girona, 67
08034 Barcelona
Contact phone: 933 15 37 20

Each individual deserves exclusive treatment, and at our Barcelona branch, we are dedicated to providing you with the optimal personalized investment strategy through an innovative approach to private banking and financial planning. We carefully consider:

Your goals
What is the purpose of your investments? We will work with you to identify and achieve your ambitions.

Your investor profile
What is the level of risk you wish to assume in your investments? We will adjust to your perspective and preferences.

Your time frame
When do you plan to achieve your goals? We will suggest solutions tailored to your time frame.

Your personal circumstances
What stage of life are you in? We are flexible because we understand that your life is constantly evolving.

MLT asesores

Grupo Gabinete Gestor
Address: Carrer del Tenor Viñas, 14
08021 Barcelona
Contact phone: 934 14 47 14

Financial consultancy for companies: Financial Controller, Search for Financing for companies, Strategic Financial Planning for companies, Restructuring of company bank debt, Business and Financial Plans, International Trade, Independent Advisors for bank negotiation.

Financial advice for individuals: Personal advice on banking products, Obtaining mortgages and loans, Debt consolidation.

Prats & Jordà

Business consultancy
Address: Travessera de Gràcia, 17-21 4rt, 1ª
08021 Barcelona
Contact phone: 932 01 45 33

Maximize your profits with our outstanding team of finance experts in Barcelona at Prats & Jordà. We offer comprehensive services in financial consultancy, providing detailed advice on investments, funds, economic and financial analysis, both for private and institutional clients.

Some of the financial consultancy services we offer include: Business plan creation, Evaluation of your company by our experts, Economic-financial reports, Investment analysis, Review of balances and accounts, Tax and financial guidance, Business audits.

Miquel Valls

Tax and Financial Advisors
Address: C. del Consell de Cent, 341
08007 Barcelona
Contact phone: 934 87 65 90

We focus on maximizing the profitability of your company through the efficient management of its financial resources, providing top-level and highly specialized consultancy in the financial area.

Our group of finance professionals performs a thorough analysis of each company with the aim of determining its current financial situation and designing strategies focused on achieving the economic goals set in the short, medium, and long term.

Are you a financial advisor in the Barcelona area?

What is the European Investment Practitioner (EIP) certificate?

The European Investment Practitioner (EIP) Certification is a professional title awarded by the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA), an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of quality standards in financial advice at a European level. This certification is widely recognized in the financial and investment sector in Europe, and aims to ensure that industry professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide high-quality financial advice.

The EIP aims to train financial sector professionals in key areas such as investment management, financial analysis, risk, and compliance, among other relevant topics. To obtain certification, candidates must pass a rigorous exam that evaluates their theoretical and practical knowledge related to financial regulations, investment products, markets, and other relevant areas of financial advice.

The certification process includes the following:

  • Training: Candidates must complete a training program that covers the contents established by EFPA for the EIP certification. These programs are usually offered by training institutions and universities associated with EFPA.
  • Exam: Aspiring candidates for certification must pass an exam that consists of theoretical questions and practical cases, which allows evaluating their ability to apply acquired knowledge in real situations in the financial sector.
  • Professional experience: The EIP certification requires candidates to have previous work experience in the investment or financial advice field. The duration and specificity of the required experience may vary according to EFPA regulations.
  • Ethics code: Certified professionals must commit to complying with an ethics code established by EFPA, which promotes integrity, objectivity, and confidentiality in the exercise of their functions.
  • Once the EIP certification is obtained, professionals must comply with continuing education requirements to keep their title up-to-date and ensure that their knowledge is up-to-date with the latest trends and regulations in the financial sector. This continuous training also allows professionals to expand their skills and competencies, which contributes to improving the quality of financial advice provided to their clients.

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