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Best hosting companies in Barcelona

Discover the best web hosting companies in Barcelona

On a technical level, it makes no sense to talk about hosting companies in Barcelona, Madrid or any other city in Spain, as the main companies have offices in both cities, as well as several data centres distributed throughout the Spanish territory. In addition, all web hosting arrangements are made via telephone, email chat or through a ticketing system. Despite all this, there are still those who prefer to work with companies that are physically close to them, as it makes them feel more secure and gives them more confidence.

For these reasons, we have created this section of hosting companies in Barcelona. All of them have offices and/or data centres in our city.

To decide which companies appear in this guide, we have analysed the companies that have the best reputation (by studying the responses of their customers on social networks) and those that offer the best technical services and the latest technologies in web hosting. Affordability is also a factor to keep in mind when evaluating the service.

List of the best web hosting companies in Barcelona


Website: CDmon is one of the companies that you will almost certainly have heard of, as it is one of the most important in Spain. CDmon offers very scalable web hosting plans (very important if your business is growing and you don’t want to have performance problems), starting with the junior plan, and going up to the Preserver plan. But don’t worry, if your project needs a special configuration, you will get it. There are several things I would like to highlight about this company and it is very important to keep them in mind when choosing a web hosting provider:

– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week phone support. Being able to talk to the technical service by phone can save us a lot of time in front of any incident or doubts we may have.
– Free hosting: They offer a testing platform, where we can test our project (free of charge), before launching it on the net. It is an excellent option to avoid unforeseen events.
– Free SSL: Having the web pages with a security certificate, is a demand that is increasing every day, and an agreement with the platform Let’s Encrypt, allows us to have this certificate for free.

Some of the comments we have found on social networks about CDmon:

“A very human company and a very good telephone service.”

“Possibly the best telephone customer service I have ever seen!”

“A perfect treatment by the team that attends.”


Claranet, with datacenters in Barcelona, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland and Portugal, is a guarantee of quality and efficiency. The company offers hosting services (cloud hosting, virtual data centre, managed hosting, colocation), networks (internet access, dedicated lines, VPN networks, 4G for companies, Cloud Connect), security (web acceleration and Dos protection, cloud backup, antispam and antivirus, contingency solutions, monitoring), AWS (customised autoscaling, disaster recovery & backup, big data, QA & development, CDN, performance optimisation). This company’s services are the most recommended for large network projects. Because of its capacity and the technological support it offers.


Located in the Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona, the company Diagonal Hosting offers us technical support 24 hours a day, every day of the week. A control panel in Spanish and a system of backups scheduled daily to be sure to recover copies of our website in case of any incident. We have the possibility of shared hosting, dedicated servers and virtual servers. With the latest technologies, they offer us a very interesting price, as the quality of the service is very high.


The services of Nominalia offers domain registration and complementary brand protection services, Linux hosting, Windows hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, and managed servers. The company offers domain registration and complementary brand protection services, Linux hosting, Windows hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, and managed servers. It should be noted that it also has different tools for the design of web pages, SSL security certificates, sitelock, and special packs for e-commerce.

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