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Best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona

The best cuisine from the land of the rising sun in Barcelona

Barcelona » Japanese restaurants in Barcelona
Japanese cuisine has become popular in recent years through sushi, the best-known Japanese dish. In this list we have included restaurants that make the best sushi in Barcelona (endorsed by the opinions of users on social networks), but we have also included restaurants with traditional Japanese cuisine, Japanese taverns, haute cuisine, Kaiseki cuisine, grill, … You can’t say you know the cuisine of the land of the rising sun until you’ve tried all types of cuisine.

List of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona


sushi bar barcelona
Sushi & Grill
Address: Carrer d’Enric Granados, 55
08008 Barcelona
Phone: 937 82 60 00

At the Japanese restaurant Robata, located in Barcelona’s Eixample district, you’ll find traditional and modern sushi, including tempura sushi, such as MoMa (salmon, avocado and philadelphia), Rock & Roll (tempura prawn, avocado, cucumber, tomato and tobiko) and Redondo Beach (salmon and philadelphia covered with salmon tartar). The cuisine includes Japanese-style grilled dishes and dishes that have become part of popular Japanese culture, such as Okonomiyaki. Among the dishes to be highlighted are the following: Pulpo al Olivo (grilled octopus with kalamata olive sauce), Toro Soasado (Bluefin tuna belly with yakiniku sauce), Ceviche (marinated sea bass with lime, onion, coriander and chilli), Tuna Tataki (tuna covered in sesame and Japanese dressing), Robata Steak (grilled Nebraska Angus. High Loin), Qagyu (authentic A5 certified Japanese Wagyu), Eel Donburi (grilled glazed eel on rice with tare sauce), …


restaurante japonés Barcelona
Traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant
Address: Carrer de Regàs, 35
08006 Barcelona
Phone 935 01 93 40

Near the Gracia neighbourhood in Barcelona, the Wagokoro restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuisine that could be found in the streets of any city in Japan. Among the dishes on offer are Zensai, Otsukuri, Agemona, Nimono or Mushimono, Yakimono, Shinogi and Oshokuji. Maybe these names sound Japanese to you 😉

Tasca Japonesa WAKASA 3.0

Japanese tavern
Address: Carrer de Nàpols, 287
08025 Barcelona
Phone: 932 08 18 66

Some of the latest opinions we can find from customers of this Japanese tavern located near the Sagrada Familia: “Incredible”, “Excellent Japanese cuisine REALLY”, “Spectacular”, “Japanese dinner”, “The restaurant is worth it to try dishes that are not found in other types of Japanese“, “An experience in every bite!”, “A 10! Authentic!” and we could go on for hours.


Sushi Bar
Address: Carrer del Correu Vell, 8
08002 Barcelona
Phone: 932 68 25 40

In the Gothic quarter of BCN we find Kynoto Sushi Bar, specialising in all varieties of Sushi (Hosomaki, Uramaki, Futo Maki, Sashimi, Nigiri, …) prepared on the spot. The menu also includes Yakisoba, Yakitori bricheta, Tatakis, and desserts such as mochi, traditional Japanese rice cakes.

99 Sushi Bar

cocina japonesa en barcelona
Alta cocina japonesa
Address: Carrer del Tenor Viñas, 4
08021 Barcelona
Phone: 936 39 62 17
Página web:

Japanese haute cuisine in Barcelona. With several restaurants in Madrid, we can now also try their food in Barcelona. Alaskan king crab gunkan; Maki of lobster in sake with wakame seaweed, cucumber and yuku; Maki of chopped tuna belly, tobiko, avocado, sisho leaf and wrapped in a thin sheet of daikon; Santoña anchovy and sardine nigiri; turbot nigiri flambéed with cliantro oil and momiji oroshi; braised bull taco and bacon with chilli tomato emulsion and aromatic herbs. These are just some of the dishes of this great cuisine.

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