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Are you a lover of the culture of the empire of the rising sun?

Then today is your lucky day, because although Japanese food is all the rage, it’s not easy to find authentic Japanese shops.

Although we are all familiar with sushi, it is not easy to find the exact ingredients to prepare a good dish. And if we move on to other lesser-known foods, things get even more complicated.

The same goes for the famous Japanese calligraphy or Shodo. Many people would love to learn it, but they keep running into the same problem: they can’t find the right materials. Even brushes, ink and paper are not easy to find.

And if fashion is your thing, don’t get the idea that the situation is getting any better. There are clothes, but the vast majority of them are imitations or very low quality garments.

Are you one of those people who would like to lick your lips at the thought of miso soup and a little bit of onigiri?

Would you like to learn how to draw the kana on rice paper?

If you answered “yes” to one of these 2 questions, stay tuned because today we bring you a selection of the best Japanese shops, physical and/or online.


List of the best Japanese shops for online shopping

Oriental Market

tienda oriental market
Everything from the East in the West
Address of the shop: Carrer de Sicília, 212
08013 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 935 35 04 90
Oriental Market is one of the best Japanese food shops in Barcelona and Madrid. Under the slogan “Everything from the East to the West”, this family business is dedicated to importing Asian products.

If you are one of those people who are crazy about Japanese food, this is the place for you. Oriental Market has it all. And when we say everything, we mean everything.

Do you want to prepare a special dinner set in Japan? No problem.

In addition to the most common products such as rice, seaweed, noodles or noodles, you also have mochis, Dim Sum or Miso. You’re not a cook? No problem. Tienes comida preparada como Tofu duro, preparados de Curry o sopa agar agar.

To wash down the dinner and the toasts afterwards, don’t forget rice wine, Ginsen liqueur, Sorghum brandy or Nikka whisky.

But don’t think it’s going to be that easy, it’s not just about food and drink. For a 100% credible Japanese evening you need to buy special tableware such as a bowl, cup or mug.

And if you want to succeed and make your guests feel as if they were in Japan itself, you have to decorate the stage a bit. In Oriental Market you will find lamps, incense, noren and different tapestries.

Asian Origins

japanese products store
Products from Japan and other Asian countries
Address: C/ de Muntaner, 367
08021 Barcelona
Phone contact: 935 16 75 17
What can we find in this store? We would finish before explaining “what you can’t find”, since it is a very well-stocked supermarket with a wide variety of products, among which we find the following:
Food: Oils and Vinegars, Rices and Derivatives, Seaweed, Prepared Meals, Frozen and Refrigerated, Dim Sum, Japanese and other Oriental Sweets, Spices and Condiments, Flours and Derivatives, Cookbooks, Miso, Sauces, Alcoholic Beverages, Packs, Seeds and Legumes, Dried Mushrooms and Vegetables, Snacks, Oriental Noodles and Noodles, Ramen and Instant Noodles, Teas and Infusions, Canned Vegetables and Fruits, Fresh Vegetables and Exotic Fruits, Juices and Soft Drinks.
Kitchen utensils and kitchenware: Cooking trays, Sushi and bridge boats, Cooking pans, Tasting and soup spoons, Ladles and accessories, Knives and accessories, Drainers and colanders, Wooden hangiris, Japanese kitchen sets, Machines, Molds and barans, Bamboo pots, Metal pots, Electric rice cookers, Others, Griddles, Japanese chopsticks and accessories, Bamboo skewers and mats, Sharpening stones, Containers and accessories, Pans and accessories, Tables, Teapots and accessories.
Oriental decoration: Screens, Noren curtains and Japanese upholstery, Incense, Japanese and Chinese lamps, Others, Clothes.
Asian tableware: Sake cups, Bowls, Containers, Pitchers for sake and soy sauce, Plates, Lids, Cups.

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muji barcelona
Minimalist Japanese shop
Address of the shop: Rambla de Catalunya, 81
08008 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 67 65 60
Muji is short for Mujirushi Ryohin, which means quality products without a brand name. What’s the point of this, you ask?

Quite simply, it is a statement of intent.

For this company founded in Japan, the most important thing is the quality of its products. And they are so strict about it that the brand name is not present on any of their products.

In Muji you can buy any product for the home. In their shop you can find fashion, children’s clothing, furniture, storage, bathroom and kitchen products, electronics… It is difficult to enter their shop and not find something you like.

If you are attracted to Zen culture, which is so important in Japan, you will love the products in this shop. All of Muji’s articles represent this philosophy very well.

All their products have a very practical and discreet design line. The most important thing is the functionality and the quality of the materials, without renouncing to its simple but beautiful aesthetics.

In addition to this “minimalism” in its products, Muji also promotes other values such as caring for the environment. For example, almost all of its pens are refillable and are made from recycled materials.

If you like a more overloaded style, Muji is definitely not the shop for you.

Haiku Barcelona

Japan in Barcelona
Address of the shop: Carrer del Montseny, 7
08012 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 932 17 96 23

Haiku is another of the best Japanese products shops in Barcelona. They have a wide variety of products, all imported from Japan.

Do you want to know everything you can find in Haiku?

Get ready to sign up.

The most striking thing about this shop is the large number of books they have on the many facets of Japanese culture. At Haiku you can find books on the tea ceremony, even on how to care for a bonsai.

But as it’s not all about reading, you can also find a wide variety of dolls and games. The Kimmidolls are inspired by the traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls that are given as gifts to wish good luck.

In the games section, the Himitsu-Bako magic boxes stand out. These boxes have a very special peculiarity: they do not have a lock. To open them you will have to discover a combination of up to 14 moves.

Do you love Japanese culture and don’t have a Daruma? No way.

You also have owls or fukurou which means “uncomplicated” and the famous nekos or lucky cats.

Takashi Ochiai

Japanese pastries
Address of the shop: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 110
08011 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 53 63 83

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