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Best professional SEO Masters in Barcelona

Online and on-site web positioning masters in Barcelona

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SEO (search engine optimisation) is a discipline that is increasingly in demand by all types of businesses, as it allows us to place our website in a privileged position in the results of Google (or other search engines, such as Bing), which translates into more traffic to the website and then convert this traffic into customers.

To achieve advanced SEO skills you need the best teachers and professionals in the industry. We have selected some of the best digital marketing schools and universities where this speciality is taught by reputable professionals, selecting some of the best masters in SEO that are taught in the city of Barcelona.

List of SEO (web positioning) masters in Barcelona

Máster en SEO-SEM Profesional de Kschool

Kschool offers a master’s degree with the following objectives:

  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to train as a SEO and SEM professional to be able to deal with the best search engine marketing, knowing the strategies and techniques capable of improving the positioning and profitability of pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Learn how to use essential tools for this profession such as Sistrix or Majestic in a practical way.
  • Perform SEO-SEM audits with knowledge of both internal and external factors used for SEO optimisation.

This course is designed for people who are already working in digital marketing and want to continue progressing in their career by specialising in search engine marketing. It is also for non-professionals who want to specialise in digital marketing due to the digital transformation that the world is undergoing.


DM School offers a master’s degree in SEM in Barcelona that allows students to acquire a deep understanding of advanced knowledge of SEO marketing techniques and Google advertising. The training includes real situations and projects that allow students to gain experience in these techniques.

In addition, it allows students to acquire the ability to use the tools used in the sector by learning from the best professionals in the sector. Thus, the points on which the master’s degree places special emphasis are:

  • Development of complete search marketing strategies.
  • Acquire skills in keyword planning and keyword research.
  • Learn how to create appropriate content for various channels and platforms.
  • Analyse and execute LinkBuilding strategies.
  • Learn how to use the most widely used tools in the sector such as Majestic or Semrush.
  • Analyse and execute SEO campaigns in Google Shopping and Google Search.

Master en SEO y Posicionamiento Web en Buscadores de IEBS Digital School

The master’s degree in SEO offered by IEBS Digital School responds to the need to train professional SEO experts by acquiring the basics of technical and practical knowledge. Thus, the competencies of this master’s degree are:

  • Define a comprehensive SEO strategy.
  • Discover through research and Keyword Research the best opportunities and trends in the market.
  • Be able to master the more technical side of SEO to be able to carry out SEO Audits.
  • Know the most important aspects of SEO Onpage and Offpage.
  • Making use of SEO in digital marketing.
  • Mastery of the most important SEO tools.
  • Understanding web analytics for SEO.

Máster universitario en buscadores por Barcelona School of Management

BSM ( Barcelona School of Management) offers an online university master’s degree with which you can acquire knowledge of the ins and outs of the Internet, turning students into specialists in the operation of search engines such as Google.

This programme is made up of up-to-date content with an in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics in order to learn about web positioning in the main search engines. In this way, students can keep up to date with how the spider works and the new algorithms that emerge.

This master’s degree is aimed at graduates in advertising and public relations, social sciences or technical careers who want to gain a deeper knowledge of the world of digital marketing, using practical training.

Master SEO Specialist: Experto en SEO + Titulación Universitaria por Euroinnova

Euroinnova offers a master’s degree in SEO with a university degree in Web analytics.

Euroinnova is accredited for the provision of higher postgraduate training and is endorsed by the Escuela Superior de Cualificaciones Profesionales. The course is made up of different parts:

  • Digital marketing
  • web analytics
  • online marketing and web positioning
  • Advanced SEO
  • skills, communication and digital signature

What is SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is one of the digital marketing terms that has gained more relevance over time. When a user performs a search on the Internet, they receive a list of numerous websites in response. The fact that a particular website appears at the top of this list is a guarantee that the user will visit it, so there is a constant struggle to be in a good position in this regard.

SEO is the art and science of persuading search engines such as Google or Yahoo to recommend a particular website when a search is carried out.

The mission of SEO is to make users see that the website is the solution to their problems and to do this, it must ensure that search engines understand what the website offers, the searcher must be convinced that the website is reliable and that the content it has can be distributed.

The positioning of a website depends on the merits of the website, so that search engines consider it to be suitable for their users. It is precisely at this point where it is necessary to convince the search engines of the reliability of a website that the SEO expert appears, the one in charge of showing the virtues of your website by means of a series of techniques and tools.

Career opportunities for an SEO expert

The SEO expert is one of the most in-demand professions today and one of the most relevant in the digital world. Their mission is to position a website in search engines through their own content and the way they link that content to the website.

There are numerous professional opportunities for people with this type of training, such as SEO Specialist, SEO Content, Content Manager, Traffic Acquisition Expert, PPC Campaign Expert, Paid Media Specialist, Lead Marketing Specialist.

Differences between SEO and SEM

SEO and SEM are two complementary terms that can sometimes be confused.

SEO is the set of techniques focused on improving the positioning of a specific website in search engines. It is based on improving organic results, without having to invest anything in it. Search engines evolve over the years and SEO strategies must be able to adapt to these changes in order to create appropriate strategies to achieve the best positions.

SEM, on the other hand, encompasses all the techniques used to improve the positioning of a website, including SEO. To do so, they use search engine advertising. In other words, SEM refers to the techniques used to improve positioning, using paid advertisements that appear on search engines.

Therefore, the main difference between the two terms is the type of investment required. In SEO, time and effort must be invested. In SEM it is necessary to pay for each click that users make on the ads.

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