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Best mattress shops in Barcelona

Mattresses and bed shops in Barcelona

Choosing the right mattress is a much more important decision than people think, as it influences the quality of sleep and our health. From we have made a selection of some of the best mattress shops in Barcelona, where they will advise you on the purchase of your mattress, as there are different models that adapt to the characteristics of each person, whether physical, ailments or ways of sleeping, among others.

Our recommendation is that you let yourself be advised by the professionals of the shops to achieve the goal we all seek: to sleep better.

List of the best mattresses shops in Barcelona


Top quality and the best price
Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 435
08036 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 933 62 38 76
More than two decades in the sector and a commercial network with more than fifty points of sale allow Dormity to position itself as one of the benchmarks of rest. In fact, Domity stands out for its wide range of solutions for rest through different types of mattresses, with the aim of adapting to the needs of each client: viscoelastic mattresses, HR foam, spring mattresses, for athletes, for lumbago, breathable, medicinal… In short, multiple specific categories within the reach of its wide clientele.


Buy mattresses at the best prices and other sleep products with a full guarantee.
Address: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 286
08036 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 938 32 82 54
Maxcolchon is a company specialising in comfort that manufactures all its mattresses and rest articles itself, without the need for intermediaries. Maxcolchon is characterised by expert and personalised attention through the specialists that can be found in its physical shops (more than 70 points of sale) or through the different channels that users have on its website. Their mattresses are manufactured with the latest technologies, with cutting-edge materials and are available in both standard and customised sizes. It is also worth mentioning its multiple types of mattresses: latex, viscoelastic, springs, foam and handmade.

Grupo Todoplano

Your mattresses and sleep products shop
Address: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 56
08011 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 931 66 31 52
En In the shops and websites of Grupo Todoplano, customers have the advice of professionals in rest to help them choose the best mattress according to their needs, as well as the appropriate information about the technologies and manufacturing materials used. Among the different products that users can find in Todoplano Group, we can highlight the viscoelastic mattresses, spring mattresses, pocket springs, latex mattresses, foam mattresses, children’s mattresses and toppers.

Sueños descans

Mattresses and rest articles shop
Address: C/ de Mallorca, 285
08037 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 76 45 81
The beginnings of Sueños descans date back to 1971, when the business took its first steps through a small family establishment located in Hospitalet de Llobregat. Today, Sueños descans is a large national company that offers the public numerous proposals for a good night’s sleep. The company’s philosophy is to get close to customers and understand what they really need. Its range of mattresses also stands out for its variety: Nucol mattresses (an innovative system that guarantees the maximum level of adaptability, comfort and breathability), viscoelastic, springs, pocket springs and latex.

Gigantes del colchón

Changing mattresses has never been so safe!
Address: C/ d’Aragó, 520
08013 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 649 24 22 21
More than 40 physical shops in Spain and a very complete online portal allow the company Gigantes del colchón to provide good advice to its customers and offer the best prices and guarantees on their products. In fact, the main objective of this company is to offer the best price-quality ratio in terms of rest. Both live and virtually, the advisors of Gigantes del colchón offer advice to all their customers, who can choose from a wide range of mattresses: viscoelastic, foam, pocket springs, latex and mattresses for articulated beds.

¿Tienes una tienda de colchones en Barcelona o provincia?

Types of mattresses

Mattresses are classified into various types depending on the materials they are made of. The main types of mattresses currently available on the market are HR foam mattresses (High Resilence), viscoelastic mattresses, latex mattresses and pocket spring mattresses.

Foam mattresses have a medium to high firmness and are made of flexible materials that absorb movement well.

Viscoelastic mattresses are bestsellers because they reduce pressure points in areas such as the back and legs. The firmness can be low, medium or high.

Latex mattresses (natural or synthetic) are characterised by their hypoallergenic and medium to low firmness. Their breathability is very high, making them ideal for warm climates.

Pocket spring mattresses are also highly breathable and have different firmnesses depending on the characteristics of the layers that cover the springs.

What is a topper?

It is a mattress pad made of different materials and types of padding, which is placed on top of the mattress. The filling of the toppers can be made of foam, latex, natural fibres or viscoelastic, and they incorporate a cover that is usually washable.

The function of the topper is to reduce wear and tear on the mattress, protect it from dirt and make it more comfortable. They are usually between 5 and 10 centimetres thick.

When using a topper, it is the topper that suffers the most wear and tear and deformation due to the weight of the body. It also prevents moisture from being transferred to the mattress.

Which is better, a spring or a foam mattress?

One of the main differences between spring and foam mattresses is the kind of support each mattress offers. A spring mattress distributes your weight over about 300 springs, whereas a foam mattress distributes your weight over millions of microcells. These micro-cells do not transmit movement, which is why foam is often a better choice for double beds.

However, it cannot be said with absolute certainty that one type of mattress is better than the other, as it all depends on the individual’s needs, preferences and sleeping habits.

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