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Best MBAs in Barcelona

MBA (Master in Business Administration) in Barcelona

In an increasingly demanding and competitive labour market, it is essential to have specialised training that enhances the experience and professional career of candidates for business management positions. In order to respond to these demands, today there is a wide range of postgraduate courses aimed at management training. As you might expect, we are referring to MBAs.

Where to study an MBA in Barcelona?

Are you considering taking a Master’s in Business Administration in Barcelona? If so, we are going to present you with 5 of the best MBAs currently offered in Barcelona.

To offer these results we have taken into account the ranking and assessment of the best MBAs at the moment. This ranking is carried out annually and globally by prestigious institutions such as the Financial Times or The Economist. However, we wanted to go a step further, we have also taken into account the opinions and reviews of students that appear in the Google My Business profiles. The results obtained after taking into account all the indicators mentioned above are as follows.

List of MBAs taught at Barcelona Business Schools

EAE Online blended MBA

EAE Business School address: Campus Barcelona (EAE): C/ Aragó, 55
08015 Barcelona
EAE Online’s blended MBA program lasts 12 months and can be taken either blended in Barcelona or Madrid, or online, making it possible to combine work and family life with training. As an added value, we have a flexible methodology based on the development of competencies and the practical application of the knowledge acquired. It is specially designed for those who want to enhance and expand their knowledge in business management.

MBA en Dirección de empresas digitales de IM Digital Digital Business School

With this MBA add 2 masters to your career
Address: Carrer de la Física, 13-17
08038 Barcelona

The digital transformation that we are experiencing in recent times has forced us to make an unprecedented digital acceleration, and these changes have also reached education. For this reason we present a new generation of MBA, adapted to the new times.

The leaders of this new digital era require a transversal knowledge of the digital sector to guarantee efficient management focused on results.

With this objective in mind, you will attend 2 weekly webinars of the digital update and improvement programme, with which you will develop a 360º vision of the sector.

In parallel, we will train your competencies in high digital performance so that you develop a complete expertise that will allow you to implement a successful strategic direction in any digital company.

In this MBA you can get a grant of up to 40%, request more info on the website.

Executive MBA de la Universitat de Barcelona

Address of the Universitat de Barcelona Business School: Carrer de John Maynard Keynes, 1 – 11
08034 Barcelona
The Executive MBA (EMBA) is a face-to-face programme lasting one academic year. It is aimed at professionals with at least 3 years of professional experience. The programme provides a broad overview of business management and the business skills and techniques that need to be adopted in an increasingly changing and competitive work environment.

The UB Business School was created in 2014. Despite its short history, the quality of its education and its role in research programmes have earned it great international prestige. This business school stands out for its strong commitment to internationalisation and for promoting joint teaching with foreign universities.

MBA (Master en Dirección de Empresas o Master en Administración de Empresas) de EADA Business School

EADA Business School address: C/ d’Aragó, 204
08011 Barcelona
EADA offers 5 different MBAs: Global Executive MBA lasts 14 months and requires 5 years of experience; Executive MBA is part-time, lasts 14 months and requires 5 years of professional experience; International MBA lasts 10 months full-time and requires more than three years of previous experience; Online MBA is part-time, lasts 24 months and requires more than 3 years of work experience; Bilingual MBA is full-time and lasts 10 months and requires 3 years of experience.

Although EADA has its central campus in Barcelona and a residential campus in Collbató, its virtual campus makes it a global school with a multitude of specialised resources. Since it was founded in the 1950s, its mission has been to promote professional development and personal growth, committed to the transformation of organisations to achieve a fairer, more caring and sustainable society.

Full Time MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA) y Global Executive MBA

IESE Business School address: Carrer d’Arnús i de Garí, nº 3, 7
08034 Barcelona
IESE offers three different MBA programmes that adapt to different stages and career paths: Full Time MBA with a duration of 19 months for which 5 years of professional experience is required; Executive MBA also with a duration of 19 months, 7 years of experience is required; Global Executive MBA has a duration of 16 months and 10 years of professional experience is required to access it.

IESE is the business school of the University of Navarra, so its degrees are endorsed by this institution. It is currently positioned as one of the best business schools in the world. The school’s ethical and moral values are based on integrity, excellence and a spirit of service. Its programmes combine an international focus with a deep understanding of business relationships.


ENEB Business Shcool address: Carrer de Llull, 321
08019 Barcelona
The ENEB MBA lasts 18 months and its complete training programme qualifies graduates to occupy management positions in a company in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and General Management departments.

ENEB is one of the most relevant distance learning business schools in Europe. Although its programme is taught entirely online, it should be noted that its training is of the highest level, with support from teachers and tutors from its virtual campus. Its qualifications are issued by the European Business School of Barcelona, endorsed and accredited by the University Isabel I of Castile.

What is an MBA?

An MBA, or Master in Business Administration, is a postgraduate qualification specialising in business management and administration. MBA training programmes are characterised by their focus on providing the tools and knowledge necessary to lead and manage a company: leadership skills, planning, business strategy management, team motivation, verbal and written communication, adaptability to change, finance, human resources…

In order to access a Master in Business Administration and Management it is necessary to have a university degree, although it does not necessarily have to be related to this speciality. Generally, Universities and Business Schools establish their own admission requirements, many of them require work experience, a good CV, cover letters or a minimum score in the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), an English test that measures the necessary skills to study this type of postgraduate course.

Exceptionally, the Executive MBA modality allows access to training without being a university graduate or graduate. Access to this modality is not easy, you must have a long career and professional experience as a manager or businessman.

What is the difference between a Master’s degree and an MBA?

Considering that a conventional master’s degree and an MBA are intended to meet different career objectives, their main difference lies in the content of their programmes and educational foundations. Although both programmes provide courses in general management, teamwork, case studies and internships, the Master’s programme focuses mainly on the theoretical aspect while the MBA focuses more on the practical aspect.

Objectives of an MBA
An MBA is a qualification created for all those who are interested in furthering their skills and/or broadening their managerial or administrative knowledge. Therefore, people who decide to pursue an MBA are those who are looking to advance their careers or entrepreneurs who want to learn how the business world works.

Objectives of a master’s degree
The purpose of a master’s degree is for students to acquire advanced and specialised training, but it is generally oriented towards their academic or professional training. The study of a master’s degree is particularly suitable for those who wish to specialise their professional career in a very specific sector.

How long does an MBA last?

The length of an MBA depends on the school that offers it, the type of Master’s degree you are going to take and the programme you choose.

Postgraduate MBA

The postgraduate MBA is the most common programme, aimed at recent graduates or students with little professional experience. Generally, they can last from one to two academic years and are usually taken on a full-time basis. Some schools offer the possibility to study online, part-time, on weekends or alternate days. Depending on the type of course chosen, the duration of the course usually varies:

  • Traditional MBA programmes: 2 years full time
  • Accelerated MBA programmes: 10 to 13 months full time
  • Part-time MBA programmes: 4 to 6 years part-time

MBA Executive

They are aimed at professionals who already have between 3 and 7 years of professional experience. The Executive MBA programme is usually taught on a part-time basis so that it can be combined with the working day. The time it takes to obtain this qualification can vary between 10 and 24 months.

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