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Best paellas in Barcelona

Discover where to eat the best paellas in the catalan capital

Barcelona ¬Ľ Paellas
Almost every restaurant in Barcelona dares to make a paella, but very few achieve a result that pleases the best critics, the customers. For this reason, to thoroughly analyze and fairly assess the quality/taste of the best paella, we have reviewed the best restaurants in the Catalan capital that serve paella, but we have only included in the list those places that users/customers have positively rated this dish and have given it high scores.

We have analyzed reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor, Google My Business, and other social networks (like Instagram) so you can enjoy the paella. You can also plan a route through Barcelona and try the different paellas from all these restaurants to choose the best one and share it through your social networks.

Some of the comments that are repeated by users in these restaurants are: “As always, a 10“, “Worth repeating“, “Delicious paella!!“, “Simply great“, “Excellent paella“, “A classic that never fails“, … With these reviews, I’m already starting to get hungry. Can you guess what I’m going to eat? ūüėČ

List of restaurants to eat the best paellas in Barcelona

Some of these restaurants are in the most typical areas of the city for eating paella, such as Barcelona and the port, but as you will see, there are also excellent paellas far from these areas. The order of the restaurants is random, as they all make a top-notch paella.

La Cuina de Laietana

paella Cuina Laietana
Mediterranean Cuisine
Restaurant address: Via Laietana, 71 (next to Plaça Urquinaona)
08012 Barcelona
Contact phone: 937 97 82 44
The Cuina de Laietana, located in the heart of Barcelona, embodies the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Known for its diverse range of rices and paellas, this establishment stands out with specialties such as Seafood Paella, Artichoke Rice, and Black Rice infused with squid ink. Its culinary experience goes beyond rice, offering a variety of Mediterranean delights including tapas, salads, and top-quality meats and seafood, all prepared with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Open every day, with the kitchen open all day and not closing at midday. La Cuina de Laietana is a culinary haven for those seeking an authentic Mediterranean dining experience, where you can see all the rices being prepared in the open kitchen, blending traditional flavors with a modern twist, right in the center of Barcelona.

Xàtiva Rice restaurant

Address of the restaurant: Carrer del Torrent d’En Vidalet, 26
08012 Barcelona
Phone: 932 84 85 02
Arrosseria Xàtiva, with over 20 years of experience, is an emblem of authentic Valencian paella. Its menu, reflecting the essence of the Mediterranean, offers more than 25 varieties of rice and fideuá dishes, made with fresh and sustainable ingredients. They stand out for their use of D.O. Valencia rice and a unique technique that includes sea water, enriching the flavor. With strategic locations in Barcelona, open 365 days a year, they guarantee an exceptional culinary experience, ideal for any occasion. Arrosseria Xàtiva is synonymous with tradition, quality, and culinary passion.

7 Portes

Address of the restaurant: Passeig d’Isabel II, 14
08003 Barcelona
Phone: 933 19 30 33
Restaurant 7 Portes, a cornerstone of restoration in Barcelona, offers an immersion into traditional Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine. With a history spanning 186 years, this emblematic establishment has evolved while maintaining the essence of native flavors. Its menu includes famous rice and paella dishes, along with a variety of plates that reflect the richness of the local cuisine. 7 Portes is distinguished by its adaptability to changing tastes over generations, ensuring a gastronomic experience that combines tradition and modernity. This restaurant not only serves food but also provides an enriching culinary experience, representing a legacy of Catalan cuisine.

La Mar Salada

Address of the restaurant: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 58-59
08003 Barcelona
Phone: 932 21 10 15
La Mar Salada, led by Marc Singla, stands out in the culinary scene of La Barceloneta for its unique maritime cuisine. This restaurant not only embraces the classic cookbook but reinvents it with a contemporary approach, offering light and organic dishes. La Mar Salada is characterized by its adaptability, with a menu that evolves according to the seasonality of the products. Among its standout dishes are the Paella‚Ķ with Dublin Bay prawn, Barceloneta prawns, and rock mussels, Black Rice with cuttlefish from the market, and Arroz de se√Īorito from the La Barceloneta market, among others. La Mar Salada is synonymous with a renewed maritime cuisine, respecting tradition while adapting to current trends.

Paella Bar Boquería

paella bar boqueria
Address of the restaurant: Mercat de la Boqueria, Pòrtics de la Boqueria, Locals 6-7
08001 Barcelona
Phone: 933 48 77 83
Paella Bar Boquería, located in the iconic Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona, specializes in a variety of rice and paella dishes. They offer classic options such as seafood paella and Valencian paella, as well as vegetarian alternatives and black rice. But their offerings go beyond rice dishes; notable plates include roasted eggplant with goat cheese, hazelnuts, and honey, and the famous spinach fritters or fideuás. The restaurant provides a unique culinary experience in a vibrant setting, with the option to reserve a private space for groups or events outside regular hours.

Xiringuito Escribà

Address of the restaurant: Av. del Litoral, 62
08005 Barcelona
Phone: 932 21 07 29
Xiringuito Escribà, located on the beach of Barcelona, is a culinary reference under the direction of Joan Escribà. This establishment, founded in 1992, stands out for its modern and accessible seafood cuisine, with rice dishes as the main attraction. They offer a variety of dishes that enhance the flavors of the sea, the mountains, and the garden, prepared in an open kitchen for visual enjoyment. In addition to rice dishes, their menu includes tapas, seafood, and desserts, perfect for complementing a meal by the sea. Xiringuito Escribà is the ideal place for a gastronomic experience by the Mediterranean, combining flavor and atmosphere.

Restaurante La Boqueria

Address of the restaurant: Carrer de la Boqueria, 17
08002 Barcelona
Phone: 933 04 39 44
Restaurante La Boquería, located in the heart of Barcelona, specializes in tapas and paellas, offering an authentic and quality culinary experience. With a focus on service excellence, the restaurant prides itself on its carefully crafted recipes and fresh ingredients. The paellas are a strong point, traditionally prepared and available in varieties such as vegetables, chicken, seafood, mixed, and black rice. In addition, La Boquería stands out for its high-quality meat cuts, dry-aged for 60 days. It is the ideal place to enjoy authentic and juicy flavors in a traditional and central setting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paella in Barcelona

Is it true that in Barcelona paella is only eaten on Thursdays?

No, although Thursday is traditionally paella day in many parts of Spain, in Barcelona you can enjoy this delicious dish any day of the week. Restaurants don’t discriminate against paella lovers who prefer Tuesdays or Sundays.

Can I find vegetarian paella in Barcelona?

Of course! Although paella is originally a seafood or meat dish, many restaurants in Barcelona have created vegetarian and vegan versions. These paellas are full of fresh vegetables and lots of love.

Is the paella in Barcelona as good as in Valencia?

Well, that could start a national debate, but Barcelona offers exceptional paellas that can compete with the best from Valencia. Each city has its unique touch, so why not try both and decide?

What should I look for in a good paella in Barcelona?

A good paella should have perfectly cooked rice, fresh ingredients, and a balanced flavor. Look for rice that is neither too dry nor too soupy and, of course, that delicious socarrat (the crispy layer at the bottom of the paella).

Can I order paella for one person?

Although paella is traditionally served for two people, many restaurants in Barcelona offer individual portions. So yes, you can enjoy your paella without having to share (we won’t judge!).

How long should I expect to wait for a paella at a restaurant?

Paella is a dish cooked to order and usually takes about 20-30 minutes. It’s the perfect waiting time to enjoy some tapas and a drink. Remember, good things take time.

Is it expensive to eat paella in Barcelona?

Prices vary, but generally, you can find paellas for all budgets. From economical options to luxury gourmet experiences, Barcelona has a paella for every budget.

Can I find paella in any restaurant in Barcelona?

Although many restaurants offer paella, it’s best to look for those specializing in Mediterranean cuisine or rice dishes for an authentic experience. Not all those with paella on the menu are paella experts.

What drink goes best with paella?

A classic to accompany paella is a good white wine or a fresh sangria. If you prefer something non-alcoholic, sparkling water or a soft drink also go well. The important thing is to enjoy the food and the company.

Can I order paella to go or for delivery in Barcelona?

Yes! Many restaurants offer takeout or delivery options. So you can enjoy a delicious paella in the comfort of your home or at a beach picnic. Just remember to order in advance, paella isn’t made in the blink of an eye.

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