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Where to eat the best paellas in Barcelona

The best restaurants in BCN where to eat paella

Barcelona ¬Ľ Where to eat the best paellas in Barcelona
Almost every restaurant in Barcelona dares to serve paella, but very few manage to achieve a result that the best critics, the customers, like. For this reason, in order to analyse in depth and assess the quality/flavour of the best paella, we have analysed the best restaurants in Barcelona where they serve paella, but we have only included in the list those places where users/customers have rated this dish positively and have given it high marks.

We have analysed reviews on TripAdvisor, Google Places, Twitter and other social networks (such as Instagram) to help you enjoy paella. You can also organise a route around Barcelona and try the different paellas from all these restaurants so that you can choose the best one and share it on your social networks.

Some of the comments that are repeated in these restaurants by users are: “As always, a 10”, “To repeat”, “Delicious paella!”, “Simply great”, “Excellent paella”, “A classic that never fails”, … With these reviews, I’m already starting to get hungry, can you guess what I’m going to eat? ūüėČ

List of restaurants where to eat a good paella in Barcelona

Some of these restaurants are in the most typical paella eating areas of the city, such as Barcelona and the port, but as you will see, there are also excellent paella restaurants away from these areas. The order of the restaurants is random, as they all make a paella of 10.

Xàtiva Rice restaurant

Address of the restaurant: Carrer del Torrent d’En Vidalet, 26
08012 Barcelona
Phone: 932 84 85 02

This is how seafood paella is made, at Arrosseria Xàtiva

What we like most about the rice dishes they make is the variety and the possibility of ordering individual paellas, so that everyone can order one and try the different rice dishes. The rice dishes and paellas are classified by category:

Paellas and rice dishes from the Garden (vegetarian)

  • Paella with organic vegetables from the Valencian garden
  • Ecological caramelized onion paella -mellow

Paellas and meat rice dishes

  • Valencian paella (rabbit, chicken and organic vegetables with beans)
  • “Paseado” rice in the casserole and in the oven (chickpeas and Iberian ear -autumn-winter-, or tomato and potato -spring-summer-, and onion blood sausage)

Sweet rice

  • Smooth oxtail rice with organic vegetables
  • Sweet rice with broad beans, Iberian ham and squid
  • Catalan style rice (sausage, organic vegetables and mushrooms) -only mushroom season

Soupy rice

  • Soup rice from the “se√Īorito” (all peeled) with Norway lobster, prawn, cuttlefish and squid
  • Rice stew with lobster

Paellas and rice dishes with fish and seafood

  • Black rice (peas, cuttlefish, squid and clams) (with alioli)
  • Seafood paella (cuttlefish, squid, Norway lobster and shrimp)
  • Paella from mr. Parellada (prawns and monkfish) -all peeled
  • Lobster Paella
  • Abanda rice “The best of our house”: Seafood platter or fish and rice, separately, cooked with its broth

Rice dishes and mixed paellas

  • Cod paella with snails
  • “Sea and mountain” paella with meat and seafood

Given this variety, there is only one solution: return several times to try the different rice dishes on the menu. One of the advantages of this restaurant is that it has two rice dishes in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčin addition to the one located in the Gracia neighborhood, we find another one in Les Corts, on Calle de Bordeus, 35. You can choose the one that is closest to you because the dishes They are excellent at both locations.

7 Portes

Address of the restaurant: Passeig d’Isabel II, 14
08003 Barcelona
Phone: 933 19 30 33

Parellada Paella recipe at 7 Portes:

Translation (the video is in Catalan) of the Parellada paella recipe:
– Paella Parellada, a rice dish without husks that is the star of our rice dishes.
1. A dash of oil
2. 2 lobster tails cut in halves
3. 4 sausages in chunks
4. 150 gr of cuttlefish
5. 150 grams of squid
Brown everything in the paella pan.
Once everything is browned, remove from the paella pan. And, with the same oil, add:
6. 100 g of pork
7. 100 g of chicken
Brown it on the heat.
Remove it and put it all together
8. Green pepper
9. Onion
10. Red pepper
11. Grated tomato
Sauté for 10 minutes
Add all meat and fish, except sausages and lobster.
12. Add 480 g of rice
13. Fish stock
Cook for 12 minutes
14. A clove of garlic
15. Saffron herbs
When the broth starts to boil, add:
the lobsters, the sausages, the mince (garlic and saffron) and the peas.
16. Salt to taste
Cook for 12 minutes until the stock has been absorbed.
Add the paella to the oven until it has finished cooking.

Enjoy ūüôā

La Mar Salada

Address of the restaurant: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 58-59
08003 Barcelona
Phone: 932 21 10 15

This restaurant is located in Barcelona’s Port Vell, in the Barceloneta neighbourhood, the seafaring quarter of Barcelona. The cuisine is based on seafood cuisine, with rice dishes, tapas, fish and seafood. Opened in 1993, it still offers some of the best paellas in Barcelona.

The rice dishes on the menu are: Mellow lobster rice, Paella with crayfish and prawns from Barceloneta, arroz de se√Īorito with fish from the fish market and black rice with cuttlefish from the fish market.

Paella Bar Boquería

Website: Web
Address of the restaurant: Mercat de la Boqueria, Pòrtics de la Boqueria, Locals 6-7
08001 Barcelona
Phone: 933 48 77 83

paella bar boqueria

In this restaurant you will find 6 different types of paella: paella Boqueria (with ribs, vegetables and mushrooms), paella Barceloneta (with fish and seafood), paella Catalana (mixed seafood, chicken and butifarra sausage), Paella de “guiri” (with artichokes, lobster and chorizo sausage), vegetarian paella (with onions, peppers, artichokes, baby green beans and beans) and, lastly, paella Valenciana (chicken, peppers, artichokes, rabbit, green beans and baby green beans).

Xiringuito Escribà

Address of the restaurant: Av. del Litoral, 62
08005 Barcelona
Phone: 932 21 07 29

Opened in the year of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, this seafront restaurant offers us the chance to enjoy our paella overlooking the sea. The restaurant is run by Joan Escrib√°, the son of a well-known family of BCN pastry chefs. Enjoy the best seafood cuisine.

Restaurante La Boqueria

Address of the restaurant: Carrer de la Boqueria, 17
08002 Barcelona
Phone: 933 04 39 44
Enjoy the best paellas at La Boquería restaurant: seafood, mixed, chicken and vegetable. Seasonal cuisine with fresh products. Located in the Gothic Quarter, it was founded in 2005, specialising in tapas, pinchos and paellas. Constantly evolving cuisine.

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