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Best pet shops in Barcelona

Products and accessories for dogs, cats, hamsters and other animals

Whether you are the proud owner of a dog, a cat, a hamster or a parakeet, the help of a pet accessories shop with professionals capable of giving you quality advice is indispensable. In Barcelona you will find many, so we have decided to compile some of the best in Barcelona that provide varied and reliable services, and where you can buy quality products.

List of the best pet shops in Barcelona

TerranovaCNC 57

Shop for animals and pets
Address: Travessera de Dalt, 66
08024 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 932 10 22 52
If you are looking for a centre that has nutritional advisors and also offers a wide variety of products to pamper your pet, this is the right place for you. This is a company with an innovative franchise concept that strives to provide its customers with the most personalised and comprehensive service possible. In order to achieve this goal, in their Barcelona facilities you can find a wide range of canine and feline nutrition products, as well as accessories, complements and other toys. Of course, they also have an area specialising in medicines and anti-parasitics.


Tienda de mascotas online
Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 21
08011 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 935 48 09 20
Kiwoko is a well-known chain of pet shops in Spain, and in Barcelona it has an establishment of more than 340 m² dedicated to satisfying your pet’s needs. They specialise in animals of different species and, over the last few years, they have made innovation their flagship. Thus, their shop is designed so that children and adults can always find what they need for their pets, whether they are dogs and cats, birds or reptiles. In addition, they offer up to 50,000 products that can be purchased to order..

Fauna Viva

Desde 1969
Address: Carrer de Sant Iscle, 23
08031 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 933 58 32 01
Founded at the end of the 60s under the name of Pajarería Elena, Fauna Viva has grown to become a shop specifically designed to satisfy the needs of any animal and the most demanding owners. They are experts in the sector with years of experience, and in their shop you can find everything from a wide range of beds for dogs and cats to kennels, cages and a multitude of accessories for any pet, whatever breed it may be. In addition, they also offer a grooming service where they pay attention to their fur and skin.


Loving dogs and cats
Address: Carrer de l’Espaseria, 4
08003 Barcelona
Contact telephone number:935 64 28 37
Located in El Born, Barkcelona was born with the aim of being the first social club in the city for pets and their owners. It is a relatively new shop where they organise all kinds of activities to do with your dog. The centre’s experts offer dog training workshops or yoga classes for dogs, but they also organise birthday parties, fun photo sessions or even beer tastings. Of course, you can also find dog food, harnesses, beds, coats and other accessories for your dog, as well as other items for cats.

Oh my Gos!

Tienda de productos para mascotas
Address: Carrer dels Agullers, 18, LOCAL 2
08003 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 937 97 94 92
Oh My Gos! was born with a lot of enthusiasm, and with the philosophy of giving our pets the best food possible, but also to make every day special. It is located near Via Layetana and, more than a pet shop, it is defined as a space dedicated to the care and welfare of the animal. To do this, they actively collaborate with nutritionists and veterinarians to find the most suitable food for pets. Of course, they also offer accessories, organic toys and vegan hygiene products, items that can be purchased in their physical shop or through their online shop.

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Benefits of having a pet

Owning a pet can be a great responsibility, yes, but if you are considering adopting a pet, you should know that it will also provide you with a number of very interesting advantages.

The most obvious is the companionship, of course, but you should also know that spending time with your pet and paying attention to it can take your mind off your worries, which will reduce your stress levels and improve your mood.

On the other hand, having a pet requires dedication, so it will keep you more active. If you have to take it for walks, for example, you will acquire a healthy habit for yourself, which may also improve your social life.

What’s the best gift for your dog?

If you have a dog, or are thinking of getting one, it is important that you know how to choose the most suitable gift. There are several options to choose from, and each will offer a different benefit.

For example, a great gift would be a blanket, as it offers the animal a place to play, sleep and leave its scent. A toy, on the other hand, can be used to help your dog intellectually, and also allows you to bond with him. Of course, you may want your dog to stay hydrated; if so, an automatic drinking fountain can be a great gift for him.

What animals can you keep in your home?

When choosing which pet to get, you need to consider the space you have available. Obviously, dogs and cats are excellent options, although the former need space, especially if they are large breeds. However, you will find other alternatives.

For example, you can get a rabbit. It is not very big and, if you provide it with a quiet space without direct light, it will be very comfortable.

Another suitable choice for small households is a hamster. To keep it in good conditions, all you need is a well-equipped cage.

You can also opt for a ferret, a miniature pig or some kind of bird. Just make sure you research their needs.

Most popular pets in Barcelona

Barcelona has its own indosyncrasy when it comes to pets. The popularity of pets varies from city to city, and Barcelona is no exception.

These are the most popular pets in the city of Barcelona: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, turtles and lovebirds.

Most popular pet food brands

True origins, Royal Canin, Advance, Nath, Hills, Acana, Albedo 100, Aqua Clear, Bunny, Catsan, Feliway, Dogzzz, Dingo, Natua Diet, Dukier, Eukanuba, Ultima, Brekkies, …

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