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The best podiatrists in Barcelona

Professionals and podiatry clinics in Barcelona

The podiatrists in Barcelona that appear in this guide bring together the different medical specialities that affect the feet, from sports podiatry (biomechanical studies, customised and personalised sports insoles), osteopathy, skin alterations (calluses, corns, onychomycosis, ingrown toenails, warts, …), to bone and muscle alterations that can cause different symptoms that need to be studied and analysed.

All the BCN centres and professionals on the list are authorised by the Generalitat de Catalunya. En sus respectivas páginas web encontrarás los datos

List of the best podiatrists in the city of Barcelona

Centre del peu

Address: Carrer de Castelao, 167-173
08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 931 15 46 49

Podiatric services: Comprehensive foot treatment, biomechanical examination, insoles (we make them ourselves), Morton’s neuroma, bunions, plantar fasciitis, foot surgery, spurs, podiatric laser, children’s podiatry, techniques and studies for sportsmen and women and treatments for diabetic feet.

Centre Podològic Monés

Address: Carrer de Marina, 35
08912 Badalona
Contact telephone number: 933 84 07 40
Services and treatments at the chiropody clinic: Bunions, nail beds, nail wedges, claw toes, foot corns, foot warts, foot surgery, insoles (express, flat feet, pes cavus, lazy feet, sports), prostheses, and sports podiatry, for diabetic feet and for children. The follow-up by the surgeon is important in cases of foot surgery, with direct contact with the surgeon 24 hours a day.

Tratamientos a domicilio

Address: Carrer d’Aragó, 517, 1r 1a
08013 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 697 12 38 79
We would like to highlight the home service option offered at this practice. They treat diabetic feet, chiropody, geriatric feet, treatment of corns and calluses, thickened nails, ingrown toenails and plantar nails. Prices for chiropody consultations start at €24.90 per service. See the website for conditions and supplements for days and areas.

Podología Clot

Address: Carrer del Clot, 64
08018 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 932 32 26 28

Services of the podiatry clinic: biomechanics (anthropometry, baropodometry, gait analysis), nail surgery (subungual exostosis, small tumours, claw toes, intergital exostosis), diabetes, sports podiatry, children’s podiatry and plantar supports.

Most of these centres work with the main Mútuas in the market: Adeslas, Sanitas, DKV, Allianz, Axa, …

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