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Reverse osmosis in Barcelona

The best equipment and prices in reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis in domestic equipment has the objective of purifying the drinking water that reaches our homes. This equipment filters the water through membranes by means of a pressure system, which retain the largest molecules present in the drinking water, whether bacteria or impurities, achieving the purest water possible.
This water treatment technology eliminates

– Chlorine taste
– Chlorine odour
– Salts
– Bacteria
– Metals
– Nitrates

And it does so without the intervention or use of chemicals.

In Barcelona we have several leading companies in the installation of domestic osmosis equipment in private homes, at very affordable prices. There are different services offered by these companies (and different prices), such as buying the equipment online, but our recommendation is that you request a free home visit for a demonstration of the equipment and how to clean the water from all kinds of impurities. You will be amazed at the things that your water carries in your home.

Best reverse osmosis companies and equipment in Barcelona


Aguapur has been working in Barcelona for more than 10 years now, treating and purifying household water. It belongs to the Aqua Europa group. Visit their website and check their current offers section. On their website you will find their contact telephone number and the option of having them call you, with a simple click of the mouse. If you prefer, you can stop by their offices for more information and a specialist will be happy to assist you.

Aguapur, in addition to Osmosis, offers water purification, lime scale solutions, shower filters, office fountains, water and energy saving, water use, waste water purification, swimming pools, water analysis, …


e-purificador is an online shop where they sell all kinds of equipment and spare parts for water treatment. Of course, they also offer an installation and maintenance service for osmosis equipment, water softeners, inlet filters, … You can buy and compare prices for water softeners, water fountains, filters, accessories for water analysis, ultraviolet cleaning, …

Agua definida

Agua definida is also an online shop where you can buy domestic osmosis equipment, domestic water softeners, filters and spare parts, water fountains, taps prepared for osmosis, … This company also offers a maintenance service for the equipment at a flat rate.

Grupo Corsa

Grupo Corsa, with more than 40 years treating water, is one of the most experienced companies in the sector. They manufacture their own products and have their own technical service specialising in equipment maintenance. Their star product is Osmotic, a small water purifier for domestic use that guarantees the best water quality. It is easily installed under the sink, without the need for building work. It can purify up to 200 litres of water a day (24 hours a day).

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