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Best solar panel installers in Barcelona

Installation, maintenance and repair of solar panels in Barcelona

Are you interested in installing solar panels in your home or business in Barcelona? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have searched and analysed some of the best solar panel installation companies that offer their services in the city of Barcelona and we have selected the ones that have the best recommendations from customers, either on social networks or on their Google My Business profiles. We have also valued complementary services to solar energy.

Our recommendation is that you request 3 or 4 quotes from different companies and choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your project and your objectives.

List of the best solar panel installation companies in Barcelona

4 Elements Renovables

We put soul into your energy
Address: Polígon Industrial Santa Maria Park, Carrer Fàbrica Maresma, 14
08460 Santa Maria de Palautordera, Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 936 53 76 01
4 Elements is a local company that seeks to bring the energy transition to every home. It has a highly qualified team to install solar panels wherever they are requested. In addition to the installation of photovoltaic panels, you can also request an aerothermal system from this company.

Using only 25% solar energy, aerothermal can make your home the ideal temperature to live in. Whether it’s hot or cold, with this technology you can forget about suffering from inclement weather. It is a service that is quite exclusive to 4 Elements and is revolutionising the market.

Autoconsumo Solar SolarPrat

The best photovoltaic panel for your home
Address: Carrer d’Àlaba, 11B
08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 672 10 31 20
With Solarprat you don’t have to worry about energy consumption. Thanks to their extensive professional experience, they are true experts in everything related to self-consumption. They build solar panels in both private and business environments. They also offer maintenance, repair and monitoring services for the entire infrastructure. This way, you don’t have to worry that your panels have been damaged.

And, if you prefer, you can also tell them about the project you have in mind so that they can give you a customised solution. Installing solar panels is very simple with this company.

Masters in Solar

Solar panel installation company in Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 930 31 49 14
Unlike other installers in this article, Master In Solar is highly specialised in this sector. It was founded in 2013 in the Netherlands and since then has helped hundreds of people to make their energy transition. They work with high-level suppliers who guarantee their professionalism.

Whether installing solar panels, maintaining them or repairing them, this company is ideal. The wide range of self-consumption services they offer is sufficient to provide the best support to their customers. Always with a professional and respectful treatment by its technical and support teams.

Engel Solar

Solar energy for your home or business
Address: Av. Puig dels Tudons, 6
08210 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 900 670 330
Advantages of installing your photovoltaic panels with Engel: save on your bill, 25 year guarantee, Generate your own energy, Protect the environment, Turnkey project, …


Leading new generations to a sustainable future
Address: Ctra. de Castellar, 352
08226 Terrassa, Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 937 36 26 94
Installation of panels in residential, industrial, schools and service companies. Project development, project management and installation, with a commitment to meet the agreed time and budget.

But what are the benefits of solar panels?

Solar panels can enable you to save considerably on your electricity bill. By having these self-consumption elements, you will only consume some residual energy when they are not active. This will be rare, as they are active during all daylight hours.

They are also a step towards a more environmentally friendly energy transition. If you care about our green environment, then this system is perfect for you. Solar energy is 100% clean and renewable, something that other options on the market cannot offer you.

Solar radiation in the province of Barcelona by month and by year

The solar radiation received per m2 varies depending on the month of the year we are in, due to the fact that the rotation of the earth affects the position of the sun in the sky, increasing or decreasing the angle of incidence of the solar radiation we receive.

Annual solar radiation in Barcelona: 4,636 MJ/m2 or 1. 288 KW/m2
This annual radiation allows a production of 155 KW/m2 with our installation of solar panels. The more m2 of solar panels installed, the more electricity we generate.

– January: 211 MJ/m2
– February: 276 MJ/m2
– March: 375 MJ/m2
– April: 441 MJ/m2
– May: 511 MJ/m2
– June: 559 MJ/m2
– July: 593 MJ/m2
– August: 497 MJ/m2
– September: 422 MJ/m2
– October: 313 MJ/m2
– November: 236 MJ/m2
– December: 202 MJ/m2

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