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Best web design companies in Barcelona

Companies, agencies and freelance web designers in the city of Barcelona

The best web design agencies in Barcelona are not just a collection of names in an online directory; they are the pulsating heart of digital creativity in a city known for its avant-garde architecture and vibrant culture. Just like the famous works of Gaudí, these agencies transform the digital space with innovative web design and advanced web development.

Are you looking for an online store that captures the essence of your brand, or a corporate website that speaks the language of your customers? These agencies, selected for their high quality and positive reviews on Google My Business, offer customized solutions that go beyond the conventional.

Barcelona is not just a canvas for artists and architects; it is also an epicenter for web design professionals, where service quality and customer care merge to create unforgettable digital experiences. Each agency in our directory has been carefully chosen, ensuring that you receive only the best in terms of creativity, functionality, and performance.

Want to know how these agencies can transform your online presence? Keep reading and discover how the art of web design in Barcelona can take your business to the next level.

List of the best web design agencies and freelance professionals of Barcelona


agencia diseño web BCN
We design to make you fall in love, from the first click.
Address: Av. Diagonal, 640, 6ª planta
08017 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 92 06 06
Consulweb, an agency specialising in Web Design in Barcelona, is very clear that the success of your business depends on the brand image that the company projects to customers. That is why they offer you the best creative solution to make your company accessible to all users at any time and any place.
This careful and appropriate Brand Image is created through an excellent Responsive Web Design, with UX/UI techniques, for the best user experience. In short, Consulweb designs to make you fall in love from the first click.


estudio diseño web Coco
Specialists in web design
Address: Carrer de l’Oblit, 60
08041 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 640 35 54 75
Coco’s studio is a multimedia studio specialising in web design that stands out for the treatment they offer their clients and the quality of their services at consistent prices. They carry out all kinds of projects, from landing pages, corporate websites, to online shops (ecommerce). In addition, these services are complemented with graphic design (creation and design of logos, banners, business cards), multimedia service (photography and video) and online marketing (Google Ads), for all types of companies. Our recommendation is that you take a look at the section of work done, where you can see the quality of the design and the work in UX (user experience), an increasingly important factor for any website.


mediatics diseño web
Modern, attractive and effective websites
Address: Carrer de Bori i Fontestà, 39, local
08017 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 14 45 01
Convey the best image and communicate effectively with customers. This is the result of a good web design. From Mediatics, specialised in corporate web design and e-commerce, you will achieve these results. You only have to visit their website to see real examples of web design and development for clients from multiple sectors: insurance, museums, education, online shops, consultancies, … They also offer complementary services: SEO, SEM, …

La Teva Web

La Teva Web Barcelona
Web design and online marketing made in Barcelona
Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 256
08007 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 932 50 35 86
La Teva Web is a web design and online marketing agency located in the centre of Barcelona. It has 18 years of experience and has a dynamic team of 20 professionals with expertise in different fields. It has helped hundreds of clients to achieve their online challenges, through its web design services to media and advanced web programming, all with a focus on the economic success of digital projects. It incorporates a very powerful online marketing team, specialists in SEO and SEM positioning, and has the Google Partner Premier agency seal, a guarantee in the sector.

RSB Agency

RSB diseño web Barcelona
Address: Ronda de la Universitat, 33
08007 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 934 54 12 12
Mitsubishi Electric, Freixenet, La Caixa , NaturaBissé, … These are some of the big brands that RSB Agency has worked with in the design and navigation of their websites or APPs. UX/ UI, art direction, user-flows, multiple languages…
Whatever you need in design and digital creativity, they will achieve it with excellent results. They can also complement this work with other digital marketing services, such as SEO. On their website you can see some of their latest work.


Bringing customers to your doorstep
Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 672
08010 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 933 18 54 36
With more than 20 years of experience designing websites, we are no longer talking about one of the leading companies in Barcelona, but in the whole country. From their offices in Barcelona (they have 2 offices), Hospitalet, Sabadell, Mataró and Madrid, they cover all the services in the creation and design of a website, as well as complementing it with custom programming, content creation, SEO, email marketing, … We recommend you visit their website, specifically the section “Web of the month”, where you will see constant updates of projects carried out.


Ooptimo marketing en Barcelona
Web technology
Address: Carrer de Sant Elies, 29-35, 6º-5ª, Escalera A
08006 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 930 08 90 89
The design of a website is one of the most important points in the digital world, as it represents the brand of the company and as such must offer the user the best possible experience, in experience and image.

Combining web design with an excellent digital marketing strategy, such as the one offered by Ooptimo together with a good SEO positioning, is the path to success.

Factoria Creativa

Shall we talk about your custom web design?
Address: Carrer de Casp, 90 3º, 1ª
08010 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 933 17 17 71
We offer online solutions in web design, online shops and app’s with specialists in design, development and online marketing to get the best results. The quality of your platform and online strategy will make or break your business, demand the best results, not the cheapest price.

We develop your online platform as well as the digital strategy, always providing ideas to help you during and after the project with our experience of 20 years doing Adhoc projects.


Creactivitat web Barcelona
We design web experiences
Address: C/ de Provença, 214, 3-2
08036 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 902 00 96 22
After 25 years of experience in design, web programming, SEO positioning, marketing and digital transformation, CREACTIVITAT continues to focus on quality and innovation to make its clients’ websites unique and profitable, thanks to its focus on user experience and a first-person strategy.

CREACTIVITAT has been recognised internationally by the AWWWARDS, CSSDA, Prestige Spain and the E-Awards/E-Show. It is a member of the Barcelona Centre de Disseny, Tech Barcelona, Comunidad MEDIA de Catalunya and digitalising agent KIT DIGITAL; its CEO, Eduard Vandellòs, is an expert in marketing, sales, digital channels and international e-commerce accredited by ACCIÓ – Generalitat de Catalunya and professor at the University of Barcelona (CETT).


technicoders Barcelona diseño web
We create your business website and the strategy for you to sell more
Address: Passeig de Maragall, 263
08032 Barcelona
Contact telephone number: 685 27 15 75
Technicoders is a web design and digital marketing agency in Barcelona that serves the whole of Spain. It stands out from other agencies because they are dedicated to creating strategic websites and online shops, completely customised, without templates, customer-oriented and with the aim of making every business that trusts them stand out from other businesses that do or sell the same thing. Other points in favour of Technicoders is that in addition to handling very competitive prices, they offer a continuous customer service. These are some of the strong points highlighted in their google reviews – 100% recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Web Design

How do I know if a web design agency in Barcelona will understand my unique vision?

It’s like they read your mind! Web design agencies in Barcelona are renowned for their ability to capture the essence of your brand and transform it into an impressive web experience. Clear communication and a collaborative process are key. Get ready to see your vision come to life digitally!

Can web design agencies in Barcelona handle international projects?

Absolutely! These agencies not only master the local art but are also experts in capturing and adapting to various cultures and markets. Their international experience ensures that your website will resonate with global audiences.

How quickly can I expect my web project to be completed?

Speed is their middle name. Although development time varies, these agencies are known for their efficiency and adherence to deadlines, without sacrificing quality. Remember, we have only selected web design agencies in Barcelona that have a majority of positive reviews on Google My Business (Google Business Profile). Get ready to be amazed!

What makes web design agencies in Barcelona unique compared to other cities?

Imagine Gaudí’s creativity mixed with the latest technology. What makes them unique is their innovative and creative approach, inspired by Barcelona’s rich artistic and cultural heritage. The city is internationally renowned for being one of the most creative cities on the planet.

How is communication handled during the project?

Communication is as smooth as a well-danced sardana. These agencies prioritize keeping clients informed at every step of the process, ensuring transparency and collaboration.

Can the agencies adapt my existing website and improve it?

They will transform your website like a phoenix rising from its ashes! They are experts in revitalizing and modernizing existing websites, ensuring they are at the forefront of design and functionality.

What kind of post-launch support do they offer?

Post-launch support is like a delicious tapa after a good meal: essential. They offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your website continues to function perfectly.

How do they ensure that my website will be mobile-friendly and SEO optimized?

A mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized website is as important as a good morning coffee. They ensure that your site is fully responsive and optimized for SEO, so that both users and search engines will love it.

Can they integrate e-commerce systems into my website?

Yes, and they’ll do it with style! They are masters at integrating e-commerce solutions that not only look good but also provide an exceptional user experience. No matter what your online store platform is (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc.), they’ll find a solution.

What if I need changes or updates after the launch?

Don’t worry, they won’t leave you sailing alone. These agencies offer flexible plans for updates and changes, ensuring that your website remains fresh and relevant.

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