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Best wok restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona » Wok restaurants in Barcelona
In this list we have only chosen restaurants where wok-cooked dishes stand out, we are not talking about buffets, Chinese restaurants or poor quality menus. A well-cooked wok with quality ingredients can only be found in a few restaurants in the city of Barcelona, and this list is the most representative of them. Healthy and light wok-cooked cuisine in BCN.

1. Wok to Walk
2. Mian
3. Àsia amb Gràcia
4. Woki organic market Plaça Catalunya
5. Out of China

List of the best wok restaurants in Barcelona

Wok to Walk

Wok BarcelonaWhy is it at the top of the list? Simply because they are the best woks in Barcelona. They are so specialised that they only cook woks, so you can get an idea of how good they are. If you like woks, you’re sure to have tried or heard of these restaurants that serve healthy and wholesome cuisine cooked in a wok. They belong to a chain of international restaurants that was born in Amsterdam and is now in 4 continents and in more than 30 cities around the world. In the city of Barcelona we can find 3 of them, at the following addresses:

Address: Carrer de Sant Pau, 27 – Barcelona
In the heart of the Raval district.

Address: Carrer de Jaume I, 7 – Barcelona
In the Gothic Quarter.

Address: Les Rambles, 95 – Barcelona.
Located next to the Boqueria market which provides the kitchen with healthy and fresh food.

The main characteristic of this wok restaurant in Barcelona is that you can create your own wok, according to your tastes. You can choose as the base of the wok menu: egg noodles (Chinese noodles or noodles), wholemeal noodles, rice noodles, Udon noodles or brown rice. All of them have a base of fresh vegetables and eggs (although you can choose it without eggs). Then you choose what you want to add: chicken, beef, bacon, shrimp, pork, tofu, pak choi, shitake mushrooms, mushrooms, mixed peppers, cashews, broccoli, spinach, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, bamboo strips and/or or pineapple. All this can be accompanied by one of its 8 sauces with exotic names, but among its ingredients we find teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, yellow curry, coconut milk, sweet and sour sauce, oyster sauce, hot sauce, peanut sauce and many more. . Also, as a final touch you can add a topping: peanuts, fried garlic, fried onion, mix of sesame seeds and/or coriander.


In second position in our list of Wok restaurants in Barcelona we find the Mian restaurant, which, among others, also serves woks: noodle wok with vegetables and prawns, wok beef with peppers, wok chicken with mushrooms, wok chicken with hot sauce, wok seasonal vegetables, wok shrimp with bamboo and shitake, wok squid with hot sauce, …
Website: Web restaurante Mian
Address: carrer Girona, 49 – Barcelona

Àsia amb Gràcia

wok asia amb gracia
On this occasion we moved to the Gracia neighborhood, specifically to Plaça del Diamant. With a philosophy similar to Wok to Walk, at the Àsia amb Gràcia wok restaurant we can also make our own woks according to our tastes. Here we can choose between various pasta and rice bases, always accompanied by eggs and vegetables. Among the pasta and rice dishes to choose from we have: thin rice noodles, rice noodles, Chinese noodles, crispy noodles, jasmine rice or udon. Then we add the ingredients we want: chicken, beef, roast chicken, shrimp, sesame, peanuts, broccoli, pineapple, oyster mushrooms, bamboo, tofu, mushrooms, bacon, spinach or dried tomato. In addition, we can accompany them with peanut sauce, soy sauce and others that have coconut milk, yakisoba, …
Address: Plaça del Diamant, 5 – Barcelona

Woki organic market Plaça Catalunya

wok restaurante barcelona
Ronda Universitat, 20 – Barcelona

If you are a fan of organic food, you have come to the right place. Among its dishes we find different woks that will make us to our liking, starting from a base of rice noodles, egg noodles, white rice, brown rice and combining them with chicken, organic beef, prawns, organic tofu, spinach, broccoli , beans, peanuts, sesame, baby corn, mushrooms, pineapples and/or bamboo. Then we add some of their sauces that combine coconut milk, red curry, green curry, sweet and sour sauce, teriyaki sauce, fermented soybeans,…
Attention to decoration, village market type.

Out of China

Located in Barcelona’s Eixample, this restaurant cooks a wide variety of dishes, including its famous woks. Unlike the typical Chinese restaurant that we all know (with spring rolls and the like), the woks of this restaurant will pleasantly surprise you. Among the woks he cooks at this Chinese restaurant in Barcelona we have: Shrimp and courgette wok with creamy curry, Monkfish wok with rice wine, Seasonal vegetable wok, Aubergine wok with aromatic vegetables, Spinach wok with shitake and Shanghai-style egg wok with tomato.

Many restaurants classified as Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Asian restaurants also offer the possibility of eating in a wok, but we have preferred to highlight the best valued by users and some that we have personally tried;)
Address: Calle Aribau, 112 – Barcelona

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